Sea of Thieves Beginner’s Tutorial Part 2 : Locations

With the launch of Sea of Thieves, there has also been a massive increase of players new to the game. As the game is lacking a proper tutorial it can be very easy to get lost right at the beginning of the game. We are starting the Beginners Guide series to make sure everyone gets a chance to play the game it’s supposed to be played. If anything is still unclear after reading the guides, then join our Discord and we will happily answer all of your questions!

You just started the game, what’s next?


Every time you start the game you will spawn at a random Outpost.  Each one of them has the word “Outpost” in the name, so you should be able to easily find them if you take a look at the map on your ship. The Outposts are where all the NPC traders and Trading Company people (Quest Givers) are located. You will need to visit them to get new quests or to cash your treasure in, as well as to buy some new clothing and cosmetics.


Every time you respawn you will start your journey in the tavern. It doesn’t currently have much functionality. The Barkeeper has some dialogue option and can refill your grog, but that’s it for now. Make sure to get the resources out of the barrels in and around/behind the tavern!

The barkeeper can refill your tankard with grog and tell you the latest news.
Don’t forget the resource barrels!
The Mysterious Strangers are related to end-game content. By the time they become significant for your gameplay you will already know who they are.
The tavern stairs are currently broken, but maybe we will soon find out what’s upstairs?


Once you step out of the tavern you will see a variety of buildings. Each Outpost has a different layout and design, but the buildings stay the same. We will give you an overview of each building and its functionality.

General Store

The General Store is selling cosmetics for your tools and instruments. All of them are purely cosmetic, they don’t increase the chances of finding good loot or any other myth you might come across on the internet. You can then equip the cosmetics at the chest infront of the store.

Weapon Store

As the name suggests, you are able to buy new weapon cosmetics here. The same thing again, none of the change stats or add anything, they are purely cosmetic. You can then equip your new skins at the armory (The wooden box hanging outside the store, next to the door). Don’t forget that you can only have 2 weapons equipped at the same time. By default, those are the cutlass and the pistol, but you can change those at the armory. For a list of the best combinations refer to our Personal Combat Guide.

Clothing Store

Same principle as before, but this time you buy outfits. They are purely cosmetic and you can change them at the chests in front of the store. The vanity chest is for things like hairstyles, beards and Peg legs while the equipment chest is for the actual clothing parts like hats.


At the shipwright, you can buy purely cosmetic ship customization. Once unlocked, all customization options will stay forever, you won’t lose them again. You can then equip the parts at the chest in front of the shipwright.

Trading Companies

Trading Companies are the Factions in Sea of Thieves. You can find a more in-depth explanation of each of them here: Trading Company Overview

Gold Hoarders

The Gold Hoarder guy is most easily found because of his green tent. You can speak to him to find a menu where you’ll be able to buy new voyages, titles and some level-locked items. The voyages (Sea of Thieves’ word for “Quests”) consist of x marks the spot maps and riddles. In the end, you will always have to dig treasure up and bring it to any Gold Hoarder at any Outpost to cash it in. Again, all the unlockables are of purely cosmetic nature.

Order of Souls


The Order of souls is located on the ground floor of this building. The woman will seel you voyages, unlockable cosmetic items, and titles. The voyages consist of PvE Skeleton Captain bounty missions, where you will be sent off to a nearby island to defeat waves of Skeletons and their Captain. The boss will then drop a skull which you have to bring back to any Order of Souls representative at any outpost on the map.

Merchant Alliance

The Merchant Alliance is the third and last trading company. They can always be found at the same pier as the Shipwright. Their voyages include catching animals like chicken, pigs or snakes on islands and bringing them back to the Merchant Alliance. This time there is a time limit, the animal has to have a certain color and the outpost you will have to bring them to is given. Make sure to deliver on time!


The ship is the next important piece of the Sea of Thieves. You will always have to know where everything is located and what it does. The example pictures will be of a sloop, but the same locations and items are also found on the galleon, just at different places. It is definitely worth the time to get used to the locations before starting to play!


The cannons are a core part of every ship. There’s not much to be said about them, they work as you’d expect them. Refer to the captions of the images below for further information.

You can use the cannon to change its direction and fire it.
You can reload while manning the cannon.
If you are holding a cannonball in your hand you can also reload the cannon without manning it or while someone else is manning it.
If you unload the cannon by pressing r (Needs at least 1 inventory space left for a cannonball). After that is done you can go to the front of the cannon and press r to climb into it. You can’t adjust the direction while you are in the cannon yourself, so make sure to do that before or let someone else do it while you’re in. press fire to shoot yourself.


The sails are the most underestimated part of Sea of Thieves. It is very important to angle them as best as you can to gain an advantage in speed.

Set the sail length at the front rope. It is easily distinguished from the angling one because it only has 1 instead of 2 ropes
Angle the sails at the back one with 2 ropes
The white lines you can see in the air indicate the wind. The lines show the direction it blows from, get used to checking them.
If your sails aren’t angled properly you will not see an audio/visual indicator.
Once they are aligned properly you will hear a specific sound and see them catch more wind. This will make you a lot faster and should always be the case (not possible if sailing against the wind)

Diverse Ship Locations

This will just be a quick rundown of all important locations on the ship.

You can raise and lower the anchor at the capstan. At the start of your journey the anchor is lowered, so make sure to raise it first!
The steering wheel is used to steer the ship. The important part of it is the one golden handle. It is at the top when the wheel is centered and will also come with an audio clue. This can be very helpful for navigation.
The little compass next to the wheel is a handy tool.
You can turn each lantern off separately. This should be done every time, as they provide no value but increase the distance you are visible at by a lot.
The main mast has a ladder, use it to climb up to the crow’s nest!
The voyage table is where your crew puts their voyages. Once they are put down you can vote on them to start the voyage. The vote is a majority vote, so make sure enough people vote for the same voyage! If you are sailing alone you will still have to put the voyage down and then vote on it to start.
The ammo chest instantly refills your ammo for all equipped guns! It has infinite ammo stock and doesn’t need to get refilled.
The armory from the weapon store is also located on your ship!
There’s a barrel for you to store your wooden planks in
There’s a barrel for bananas
And some for cannonballs
There’s also all the equipment chests from the different store on your ship. Just walk around a bit to find them. The only chest not located on the ship is the ship customization chest, which can only be found at the shipwright
There’s even a barrel to refill your grog!

Thanks a lot for reading!

We hope this guide helped give you a basic overview of the locations. This is just the first part of a longer guide series we will be completing over the next days and weeks, so stay tuned for that. please give us your feedback either in the comments or on our Discord, we appreciate it a lot. See you on the high seas!


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