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When people say “his heart is black as cole“, you may rest assured that they’re referring to me, for there is no greater villain, no more devious a vagabond than I!

Cole is a member of The Twisted Knife and was the Captain of The Salty Hippo until Nura and Bel sank it. He survived the fight because he told them that he knows about the whispering chest. Afterward, they put him into the jail of The Crown. Cole was originally sent out to retrieve the whispering chest for a patron, no matter the cost. As that mission failed, he is willing to guide Bel‘s ship to the Patrons Den. After The Crown is attacked by the Kraken, cole goes out to look for salvageable materials. Not only does he do that, but he also notifies his mates from the Twisted Knife. Cole then proceeds to drug the crew of The Crown and fill the ship with members of The Twisted Knife. Cole kills or captures the original crew and takes the position as new captain of the ship. Shortly after, Bel returns to The Crown and takes it back. We do not currently know what happened to Cole afterward.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Unknown, similar age to nura and Marisabel, born after Flameheart Junior is cursed

Gender: Male

Location: Ferry of the Damned (last known location)

Position: Captain of “The Salty Hippo

Organisation: The Twisted Knife

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