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The game is out! So let us collect all the features that are in the game! We will also include everything that is going to come with the first big update three months later. Feel free to share this with your friends to give them an overview of what to expect of it. We are going to bring more of these updates if there is any news, so you won’t miss out on a thing!


The CrewOfThieves Community has their own Discord with already over 700 members. If you want to discuss the game, need some questions answered or want to give us feedback then feel free to join!


  • Knowing that most of you come from Reddit: There are still no safe zones.
    • They won’t come!
      • NEVER!!
  • Meaning that players can attack each other everywhere on the map – except in the legendary Hideout, read more about that below.
  • The map size will get increased in time. The open beta map size will also be the release map size, although it might get changed slightly.


  • There are different kinds of islands in SoT.
    • Outpost islands are where you can buy and sell stuff.
    • Normal islands are where you do most of your voyages/quests, collect resources and find treasure.
    • Skeleton forts are a bit more special, read below.
  • There are 3 biomes in the world:
    • Shores of Plenty
    • Ancient Isles
    • The Wilds
  • Islands and the map will get changed in time, new ones will get added, maybe even some completely destroyed.


  • All around the map shipwrecks can be found.
  • They seem to have a good chance of messages in bottles and rare treasure.
  • A good way to collect supplies, such as bananas, planks, and cannonballs.
  • Beware the sharks!


  • Storms move randomly around the map.
  • Depending on how deep you sail into them, the more it damages your ship and takes control of your compass and steering wheel.
  • Fills your ship with water.
  • Other weather types might come later.


Messages in Bottles

  • can be found in shipwrecks, shores, islands;
  • are one of the best ways to get good voyages;
  • are easy to spot from afar, since they shine if you look at them.


  • can mostly be found in barrels and swimming in shipwrecks;
  • are used to feed pigs;
  • heal you for ~40% of your maximum health;
  • are eaten whole and unpeeled.


  • can be found in barrels and swimming in shipwrecks;
  • are used to repair the hull of your ship.


  • can be found in barrels, especially red ones, on islands and in shipwrecks;
  • are used to shoot enemy ships – really. Believe me!

Gunpowder Barrels

  • can be found on islands, but seem to have a higher rate in skeleton forts;
  • explode if you shoot/hit them.

Treasure chests

  • can be found on normal islands, by following riddles and treasure maps, in shipwrecks and in the treasure room of a skeleton fort;
  • are to be sold to the Gold Hoarder faction for gold and reputation.

Relics and Artifacts

  • exist in different kind of forms and can be found, like bottles, all around the world;
  • can be spotted from afar, since they shine if you look at them;
  • are to be sold to the Gold Hoarder faction for gold and reputation.


  • exist in different kinds of rarities and can be found like bottles;
  • drop from skeleton captains after killing them;
  • are to be sold to the Order of Skulls faction for gold and reputation.


  • can be found on normal islands;
  • can hold the fitting animal, which can then be sold to the merchant NPC.

Resource crates

  • can be found on normal islands;
  • can hold planks, bananas or cannonballs;
  • can be turned in at the Merchant Alliance for gold and reputation.

Special crates

  • can be found in shipwrecks;
  • are to be sold to the Merchant Alliance for gold and reputation.

Skeleton Fort Key

  • get dropped after defeating a fort captain;
  • can be picked up and carried like treasure chests;
  • are used to open the fort vault with lots of treasure inside.


  • are very similar to bottles;
  • can be found on islands;
  • give you voyages.



  • are located on the outpost islands and sell stuff to you like:
    • Clothing
    • Weapon Skins
    • Tool skins
    • Ship customization parts
    • Beards/eyepatches/hooks/etc

Faction Traders

  • can be easily recognized, since they all have a faction theme;
  • take your goods, depending on what you have, read below;
  • sell voyages and various skins.

Miscellaneous NPCs

  • the bartender seems to look for something…
  • a few special NPCs in the hideout, read below.


  • There will be different animals, but at launch, only pigs, snakes and chicken will have a gameplay effect
  • Animals can drown, get hit by lightning, killed by players and even blow up, so you better protect them!



  • poison you, but can be charmed with music;
  • could be used as makeshift traps for boarding crews;
  • can be sold to the merchant alliance.


  • will make loud noises which might alert other crews of their presence;
  • can be sold to the merchant alliance.



  • exist in different difficulties;
  • can attack you with:
    • cutlass, pistols, blunderbusses;
  • can heal themselves with bananas.

Ghost Skeletons

  • get stronger in the dark;
  • weakened by light of a lantern.

Golden Skeletons

  • are very tanky in general;
  • weakend by water.

Plant Skeletons

  • immune to firearms;
  • heal when touching water.

Skeleton Captains

  • are much stronger;
  • drop skulls for the Order of Souls faction.
  • those that guard the skeleton fort drop a key for the treasure chamber.

Skeleton Lords

  • very special;
  • very mystical;
  • maybe join our discord to find out more in our lore channels?

Skeleton Forts

  • Gigantic Skull clouds will sometimes appear above the forts, visible for every player from a very large distance, swarming with powerful skeletons.
  • Once you kill the skeleton captain he drops a key that players can pick up and fight over.
  • The player with the key can open the fort’s vault, which is filled with treasure.
  • The Forts should serve as an opportunity for players that are looking for PvP and huge treasure hauls


  • Random world encounter and can’t be actively triggered by the players.
  • The fight with the Kraken will be different each time thanks to its scale and complexity.
  • It can:
    • Attack multiple ships at once
    • Pick up, ingest, slam around, ink, dunk and throw players
    • Wrap around and punch your ship
  • You can fight the tentacles so they release you.
  • It will be an epic and memorable experience each time, designed to be replayable.
  • There will be special rewards for killing the Kraken later.


  • Servers right now hold up to 6 ships or 24 players.
  • Servers get merged if too many ships leave.
  • You can not choose the server you want to join.
  • You can not join with 2 ships (2-8 players) at once.
  • There are no private servers.


  • Ships are free in SoT. Meaning, that you don’t have to pay for a respawn. You choose the ship you want to sail with at the beginning of every session and you keep it until you leave the session.
  • The option to have a private ship will come later.


  • Depending on the ship you are on, the experience is gonna differ.
  • Always have a look at the wind by looking at the wind flow or the flag on top of your masts.
  • Every ship has
    • Sails, which must be in line with the wind, to get the best speed;
    • Anchor, which is pretty much the handbrake of the ship;
    • Storage barrels, that you can store your supplies in;
    • Cannons, which you can use to shoot cannonballs or players;
    • Steering wheel, to turn your ship;
    • Ammo and armory boxes to change weapons and reload;
    • Vanity chests to change appearance (clothing, beards…)
    • Map to navigate;
    • Voyage table to start and cancel voyages.
  • The more you communicate with your mateys, the more efficient you can be.
  • You can find alot of general sailing tips in our Sloop guide HERE!

Ship types


  • can be manned by up to two players;
  • much more nimble than the galleon;
  • slower than the galleon with the wind, faster directly against it;
  • less firepower with only two cannons;
  • far less durable.


  • can be manned by default with three or four players;
  • takes far longer to turn around;
  • faster than the sloop with the wind, slower against it;
  • four cannons but also three sails, meaning it’s much harder to coordinate;
  • supplies and ammo are harder to reach since they’re further below deck.

Legendary ship

  • will come in the captaincy update three months after release.
  • Currently, not much info is known

Ship customization

  • You will only be able to change your ship at the outpost’s shipwrights.
  • Players can buy
    • figureheads;
    • sail designs;
    • and specific hulls;
  • that they keep forever, in the same way as clothing or equipment.
  • They can be applied to any boat, meaning each time you play, you and your crew can decide on the look of the ship.
  • The more concrete form of “ship ownership” will be the ship captaincy, read below at “Ranks”.

Ship combat

  • There are a ton of different ways and strategies on how to sink and loot enemy ships.
  • Here are some ideas for you as a new player:
    • use gunpowder barrels inside and outside the enemy ship;
    • use cannons to launch your crew onto the enemy ship;
    • board the enemy ship by ramming them;
    • and of course: shoot them with cannons to davy jones locker!
  • Always keep in mind, that ships only take water in, if you shoot below the waterline.
  • You can find more information about
    • sloop combat HERE!
    • galleon combat (coming out soon) !


Character Creation

  • All player made characters will be made in the “Random Pirate Generator”.
  • You will have access to a wheel of 8 randomly generated pirates to choose from.
  • You can save characters, that stay when you reroll the remaining ones.
  • You can reroll them as often as you like, but once you choose one it becomes bound to your Microsoft account and can’t be rerolled again.
  • There are no sliders, but you will always be able to change a few things, read below.
  • The idea is, that every pirate will look different and there will always be people making fun of your nose.

Character customization

  • Hairstyles, beards, peg legs, hooks, and more transitory cosmetics will be available in the NPC shops.
  • Hitboxes are normalized, so smaller characters have no advantages over bigger ones.
  • We do not know yet whether you will also be able to change things like hair color, but it’s very likely


  • If you die, you spawn on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • After a short time, you can leave it and respawn on your ship.
  • If your ship sank, you get a new one.
  • Death is punishing without being too frustrating or discouraging.
  • You won’t lose your precious gold, anything you purchased, your voyages or your reputation.



  • used for melee combat;
  • enables short dodge jumps;
  • lets you block melee attacks;
  • makes you do a strong lunge, that can even break blocks.


  • short reload time;
  • strong in midrange fights.


  • medium reload time;
  • very strong up close.

Eye of Reach

  • long reload time;
  • sometimes useful on long range.
  • Beware: Other players see a shine if you look at them with it.
  • You can find an in-depth guide about personal combat HERE!


  • Shovel, to dig up treasure.
  • Compass, to navigate and count your steps for riddles.
  • Spyglass, to look into the distance
    • Beware: Other players see a shine if you look at them with it.
  • Pocket watch, to check the time for time-based voyages.
  • Bucket, to bail the water out of your ship.
  • Lantern, to light up the area around you.
  • Some future tools might be:
    • Shouting trumpet, to contact ships that are are away
    • White flag, to signal surrender and other sorts of signs


  • While musical instruments are far less productive, they seem to be a good way of passing time with your crew.
  • More songs can get unlocked by progressing in the game.
  • Multiple instruments played at the same time will sync up to play together.
  • Confirmed instruments at launch are the hurdy-gurdy and the concertina.
  • Some future instruments might be:
    • Banjo
    • Fiddle
    • Drums



  • Quests in SoT are called voyages.
  • You not only need to acquire the wanted items, you also need to retrieve them.
  • Voyages get more rewarding and challenging, the higher your rank is with the faction that you are taking it from.
  • Players will be able to share their unlocked voyages.
  • Gold and experience are shared amongst the crew.
  • The voyages you put on the table will cosmetically look better to represent its rewards.


  • Timed events will be a regular thing from launch on.
  • There will be fun and time-limited quests that will give you exclusive stuff as a reward.
  • These events and quests will still always follow the Sea of Thieves lore.
  • They have lots of possibilities for small events. For example, increase the frequency of sharks for a day, add more vicious storms or raising the tides temporarily.
  • These events might sound like small changes, but if all voyages point to the same region for the day the game will feel different from usual.


  • Commendations are basically achievements.
  • There are multiple levels to most of them, meaning that you might get one for turning 100 chests in and then the next level for 250 chests.
  • Commendations are used to unlock titles.
  • There’re also some of the more classic achievements that reward you for doing something cool like jumping off a high cliff.


  • All factions reward you with gold and reputation.
  • The higher your reputation gets,
    • the more rewarding and more challenging the offered voyages are;
    • the more customizations are available to buy in the theme of that faction.
  • There will be the factions listed below in the game at release.
  • More will be added later.

Gold Hoarders

  • The Gold Hoarders want you to collect treasure of all sorts. From treasure chests to artifacts, like chalices, they buy everything you get by completing voyages, stealing treasure from hostile players or by just finding it all around the world.
  • Voyage types: X marks the spot maps and riddles.

Merchant Alliance

  • The Merchant Alliance is looking for animals like chickens, pigs, snakes and sometimes even gunpowder barrels. You can also just sell that stuff without accepting voyages.
  • Voyage types: Timed cargo delivery missions.

Order of Souls

  • The Order of Souls is interested in skulls, that you get by killing skeleton captains, that spawn on specific islands.
  • Voyage types: PvE bounty hunting and skeleton fort raid quests.



  • By leveling up all the factions to the maximum you will be able to get a quest from an unknown NPC, which will make you a “legendary pirate”.
  • Even very dedicated players will only reach that status weeks after launch and will, therefore, get some fame in the community.
  • Legends will, of course, get access to special titles, outfits and customization options.
  • This will give you access to the Hideout, read below.
  • Approximately 3 months into the game, with the first big update, we will be able to work towards the “legendary captain” rank.
  • Whilst we could only customize a few parts of the ship until this point, this will give us the possibility to get a new, legendary ship type which is far more changeable.


  • After you reached “legend” status you will get access/a key to a special Hideout.
  • Your crew can follow you there.
  • The exact location of the hideout is currently unknown to us.
  • Hideout NPCs will offer you high-tier quests and rewards.
  • You will be able to get those quests in the “Tavern of Legends”, which is situated in the Hideout. Ghosts of the E3 2016 characters make an appearance there.
  • By talking to the ghosts you will hear hints towards the new trading company and future content.


  • Since Sea of Thieves is not a competitive or serious game, Xbox one players and PC players will meet each other ingame.
  • You will not be able to choose an exclusive lobby.


  • They will only be implemented to the game in the first major update, approximately three months after launch.
  • Microtransactions won’t affect power or progression in any way.
  • Lootboxes won’t ever be in the game.
  • Bought items should be fun, social and have an emotional value, but no functional value.
  • No intent to charge for content updates – updates will always be free
  • Fun Potions might also be an MTX option – i.e. making you look old.
  • Some of the MTX will also have an option to be earned through in-game currency.


  • Buying pets will be the first thing that you will be able to spend money on.
  • Parrots, Cats, and Monkeys confirmed so far.
  • You will be able to fire them out of cannons.
  • If you buy a pet, other people will be able to mess around with and experience it, too.

How to play

  • Buy the game and get the “Black Dog Pack” as a pre-order bonus.
  • Play it with the gamepass for 10$ a month.
  • Play it with the gamepass on a free 14-day trial.
  • Xbox players, of course, need to have the gold subscription.
  • If you get a digital copy, you can play it on both Xbox and PC.


  • First significant update will be around 3 months after launch.
  • Updates will service all kinds of players, whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual.
  • New quest types, new trading companies and other gameplay possibilities, like fishing, will get added to the game over time.
  • Smaller additions will just be put into the game without having to wait to get released as part of a big update.
  • The game will be supported and updated as long as people keep playing it.
  • Rare has a detailed roadmap until the end of this calendar year.


Thanks a lot for reading!

We hope we did a good job at giving you an overview of the tons of info we collected. We will be posting some more in-depth articles about some of the topics in the near future, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to join our Discord server to find people to play with and chat about the game with us 🙂

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