Curse of the Drowned

The Curse of the Drowned gradually transforms humans into Mermaids. You can see the transformation in this gif:

There’s a poem in the Lore book with a passage about the curse. It goes as follows:

But if it’s you they’ve chosen
They’ll surround you with their kin
Your legs are bound and frozen
In a wrap of silver skin,


Soon you’ll be understanding
All that passes from their tongues
No food you’ll be demanding
Nor fresh air to fill your lungs,


And they’ll take you as their brother
Or sister as they please
And you’ll be just another
Of the merfolk in the seas

Note that this is written by a human that can’t understand the Merfolk, there’s a comment by a human that has the ability to understand them:

“..It is funny how people think about mermaids just because they cant understand them.”

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