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Cursed Sails, the first big expansion for Sea of Thieves, is launching on the 31st of July. It will be focused all around a Skeleton armada, which is occupying the seas. But who really are skeletons? Where do they come from and what do they want? Not too many people actually know much about the lore behind them, so to prepare for this expansion we want to make sure you are up to date with the latest news on Skeletons. We went through all of our resources to write this article, so expect to know some more things about skellies when you are done reading 🙂 Don’t forget to also join our Discord Server to discuss the content and meet cool new people!

How are Skeletons created?

This is one of the most important questions. In the lore there is actually 2 ways skeletons can come to be:

Skeleton Curse

One of the protagonists in the Lore Book is called Captain Flameheart, we will go over him in a later section of this article. After stranding on an island he and his crew find a golden chalice, which is filled with infinite amounts of water. They all drink from it and over time realize, that they don’t feel hungry anymore. Then their eyes start working really well even in the dark, so they don’t need to use torches in a deep cave anymore. Blankets or even no cover is enough to keep them warm at night. Over time they are slowly transformed into skeletons. Every crew member but Captain Flameheart pretty much lose their mind while they turn into Skeletons.

Rare tweeted this on curses moments after I published this post, so I’ll just put it in here

Lost souls taking a skeleton over

We went over this option more extensively in our recent Ferry of the Damned lore article. Basically, souls from the Ferry of the Damned can sometimes slip back into the real world, where they appear as ghosts. If these ghosts find some old remains and take them over they turn into Skeletons.

What exactly are Skeletons in Sea of Thieves?

Skeletons are the remains of pirates, who have died on the Sea of Thieves long ago. While normal skeletons have lost their human mind, they are still capable of some things, such as fighting, firing cannons or attacking in groups. They can be categorized as individuals, but most normal skeletons are violent and feral as beasts, driven by some primal instinct. However, being a skeleton doesn’t only have downsides. Perks of being one include eternal life as a Pirate (unless smashed) and a lack of human needs.

Skeleton Tiers

Skeletons can be classified into multiple tiers. We will explain each of them down below:

Skeleton Crews

These are the most simple skeletons. They have not retained any of their human self and are more feral beasts than humans. These skeletons are usually following Skeleton Captains or Skeleton Lords as their own abilities are limited. In the game, you see this type most frequently when they spawn on islands or as part of Forts and Order of Souls voyages. They usually are rather weak and don’t look too special. In the game, there are 5 different kinds of Skeleton Crews, which can be distinguished by the color of their clothing.

No special clothing at all is the weakest type, next up (in order from weakest to strongest) are Blue, Green, Purple, and Red. There is no lore directly attached to these levels, but we can assume that they stand for different experience and strength of the skeletons.



Types of Skeleton

Aside from the different strengths of the basic Skeletons, there are also different types. We have Shadow, Plant,  and Gold/Brass Skeletons. Sadly these types do currently not appear in the lore at all. The Crew of the Gold Hoarder is depicted with a lot of Gold built into their bodies, so we can speculate that golden skeletons represent the Crew of the Gold Hoarder. However, we’ll have to wait to get any serious confirmation on this.

Skeleton Captains

Skeleton Captains are the next tier of skeletons. They are usually the target of the Order of Souls and can be seen leading crews of Skeletons. Skeleton Captains are stronger and better equipped than normal skeletons, however, they do not really make an appearance in the lore, so it is hard to tell how they come to be. Maybe they are people who have retained some of their minds or are skeletons who became the leaders because of their strength.

Skeleton Lords

These are the most interesting and special Skeletons. Skeleton Lords fully retained their minds, memories of their lives and identity and are often seen commanding their bony brethren. Skeleton Lords refuse to let death come between them and their obsessions, whether it’s seeking vengeance on their killers or continuing a life of plunder and violence. We will go over the known Skeleton Lords individually in a later section of this article.

Order of Souls

The Order of Souls pays Pirates to bring them Skulls, but why? To understand this you have to take a quick look at the known Order of Souls lore:

The Order of Souls is a Trading Company formed by conjurers and seers. They have found a way to recapture the enchanted magic from the skulls of former pirates and they’ll reward anyone who brings the skulls back to them.

Enchanted magic can probably be equated with having a mind, as only Captains drop skulls. This means that skeletons “work” because of some magic, which is located in their skulls. This is how they can think without having a brain. This is a very interesting topic in my opinion and I hope we can learn more about it soon!

Skeleton Lords

We don’t know too many skeleton Lords yet, but some have been talked about or brought up in the lore.

The Cap’n

This is one of the most mysterious characters in the lore book. We do not explicitly know whether he is a Pirate Lord, but he has memories of his life and is capable of complex thinking, so it’s safe to assume that he is one. He is the one who curses Captain Flameheart and turns him into a skeleton. he recruits Captain Flameheart and his crew as his crewmen, what happens afterward is unknown. He was also in a crew with Captain Flameheart Sr. the Father of Captain Flameheart, but he stranded the Cap’n on the island where he is at now.

We saw Captain Flameheart in the 2016 SoT trailer

Captain Flameheart

Captain Flameheart is one of the lore book protagonists, who eventually turns into a skeleton. We do not know much about his life as a Skeleton Lord, but he retained his mind. An important detail is his blazing chest, which makes sense looking at his name.

The Gold Hoarder is driven by greed.

Gold Hoarder

The Gold Hoarder is probably the most known Skeleton Lord. He is the skeleton of a man, who was reclaimed by his spirit after death, driven by greed to the extent that he patches up his immortal frame with jewels and gold. His name also ties him to the Trading Company of the Gold hoarders, but their relationship

is unknown. Both do replace parts of their body with Gold and only seem to have treasure on their minds.






Gold hoarder concept art. source:
The Gold Hoarder Skull in the 2016 SoT trailer is an interesting detail. Was the skeleton Lord killed? Maybe even by Captain Flameheart?

Other Skeletons

Many people don’t know what this Skeleton is supposed to be

You can find some other skeletal remains scattered around the world in Sea of Thieves. Most of them are just normal deceased bodies, but the skeleton in the picture above sparked quite some interest. If you don’t know what it is yet, then make sure to read our article on it! You can find it here: Click

Cursed Sails

While we will not know much about the specific lore behind cursed sails until it starts, we hope that you could gain some insights from this article. Wanda seems to have the Skeleton Curse, which slowly turns her into a skeleton. The skeleton Crews will probably be manning ships under their captains and the rest is yet to be uncovered. We are always looking for your feedback, so please leave us a comment with your thoughts. Thank you very much for reading and see you next time!

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