Flameheart Junior

Captain Flameheart Junior is one of the protagonists in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book, as well as one of the Skeleton Lords in the Sea of Thieves.

Flameheart Junior was rescued by Flameheart senior soon after he was born, but he doesn’t know from what. His adoptive father then proceeds to make sure he gets the best education possible. Flameheart is always guided and guarded by his father while growing up, enjoys a charmed life, happy childhood and fine education. After the death of his father, Flameheart Junior realizes that he doesn’t want to be a scholar anymore. Instead, he wants to be a Pirate and Captain of a ship. He luckily found an Ancient Coin, which he gives to Isidro, who gets him a crew and a ship, The Silver Blade. Together they set sail towards the Sea of Thieves.

After their arrival, they first stop at an Outpost. There, Flameheart meets the mysterious old woman, who gives him a map. The crew sets out to find the treasure. After digging the chest up, they get ambushed by other ships. In the heat of the battle, Flameheart steers the ship into the Devil’s Shroud. The ship is destroyed by it and the Crew left stranded on an unknown island. Flameheart himself didn’t get to find out that this chest was the Kraken’s Chest while in his human form.

Struggling to survive, they find a cave. In the cave, there’s a golden chalice which seems to hold unlimited amounts of water. The Crew drinks from it and venture deeper into the cave. Over time, they notice how they are slowly losing their human needs, stop needing to eat and barely sleep. At the end of the cave, every crew member of The Silver Blade is turned into a skeleton, only Flameheart retains his memories and therefore turned into a Skeleton Lord.

At the end of the cave, Flameheart meets The Cap’n. This character is another Skeleton Lord and former Captain of the ship Flameheart senior was a crewmate of. The Cap’n orders Flameheart to follow him and that’s where Flameheart‘s story ends.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Unknown, over 20 when he sets sail for the first time, Skeleton Lord age unknown

Gender: Male

Location: Cap’n cave is the last known location, later on, the beach where Bel was raised.

Organisation: Pirates/Skeleton Lords

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