Forsaken Shores Cosmetics revealed! – Crew of Thieves Exclusive

Hey, there’s been another big datamine for the Forsaken Shores cosmetics. All of these images are directly from the official game files. We know you aren’t here to read the text, so we’ll keep it short. Three new full sets have been datamined, they are called Kraken, Crab, and Blacksmith. All of them look really good and follow their unique themes. They are great additions to the cosmetic Sea of Thieves landscape and we are looking forward to all the new outfit creations that are going to stem from them. We will most likely see them in-game with Forsaken Shores.

Announcement: Lore Compendium launched and Crew of Thieves Updates

Today we launch the base of the Sea of Thieves Lore Compendium. It is essentially a Sea of Thieves lore wiki with currently 60 entries.

On top of that we want to inform you about some things regarding Crew of Thieves as a project, so please take a second to read this update: Click

Blacksmith Set

Crab Set

Kraken Set

Which one is your favorite?

There’s a ton of different items in this one so let us know which set and piece is your favorite! Also, don’t forget to join our Discord for all the latest news and follow us on Twitter!

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