Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores islands revealed!

Forsaken Shores is going to be the third expansion for Sea of Thieves. Once it releases on the 19th September we will not only get a whole new area to explore and play in, new riddles and locations but also new cosmetics, a rowboat and a new type of Merchant Alliance voyages. You can read about all of the content on various other websites and there’s a ton of YouTube videos about it, so we won’t go into that too much in this article. Much more do we want to show you all the islands that are coming with Forsaken Shores.


These assets are not publicly available at this point, so if you don’t want to see the islands yet then we do not recommend scrolling any further.


There will only be one new Outpost in the Devils Roar. It is called Morrow’s peak Outpost and features a volcanic theme.

Morrows Peak Outpost


The Devil’s Roar comes with 14 new and interesting islands. All of them seem to be fairly big and of course, share the volcanic theme. We’ll give you the map pictures first and then add a little gallery of screenshots to give you a feel of the new area. The current areas Shore’s of Plenty, The Wilds, and the Ancient isles all have about 20 islands meaning that the Devils Roar has less. However, all of these islands look fairly big compared to the small islands you can find in the current regions so it’ll probably feel the same. One also has to mention that the Devils Roar is going to be much more lively and in motion because of the fire and smoke effects.

Fetcher’s Rest


Cursewater Shores


Flame’s End


Flintlock Peninsula


Roaring Sands


Ruby’s Fall


Scorched Pass


The Devil’s Thirst


The Forsaken Brink


Ashen Reaches


Brimstone Rock


Cinder Islet


Magma’s Tide


Glowstone Cay


Those are all the new islands. As you can see their names are all themed around fire/magma and the color red.

What do you think?

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