A Watch and Emotes Coming Soon!

In the recent Game Experience Update on the Forums, we could see a picture of Emotes and a Watch. I am going to talk a bit about both and what we can expect from them.


  • With Voice Chat, Voiceless Comms and text chat I don’t really see how Emotes will be used for actual communication. They could still be a fun and immersive way to communicate and provide a bit of help for Role-Players.
  • However, Emotes could have an Impact when meeting other Crews. Voice chat is often unavailable, so Emotes can help a lot in Communicating over some distance.
  • In the Picture, we can only see a character Raising his Hand, so it’s hard to tell what range of Emotes we will get to see in the final game. I really hope for some longer Emotes like dancing or Pantomime. There could maybe even be Emotes that work with multiple people, similar to how music gets better when more People play at the same time.
  • Next, Emotes could also be a part of  Riddles, similar to how Lanterns or Music Instruments currently are.
  • I do also hope that they will maybe work similar to how they worked in Runescape. There, you could unlock cool emotes trough certain achievements. I would love to be able to show my fight with the Kraken to other players!

And that’s really it for now. It is hard to tell what purpose Emotes will eventually serve, but it is definitely a welcome addition to the game.

The Clock

Sea of Thieves Clock

There has been a lot of Speculations surrounding the Clock. We haven’t heard of it before and we don’t really know it’s purpose yet either. There already is a working Day and Night Cycle in the game, so it could definitely work like a normal watch. There have been some Speculations on the Forums regarding the Number 7, but the Rare Employee that posted the picture cleared things up pretty quickly.

Forum Emotes and A Clock 1 Forum Emotes and A Clock 2

The Number on the Face of a watch usually tells us the day of the month/week. Looking at how simple the overall design of the watch is, the developers wouldn’t include this counter if it didn’t have a deeper meaning. I am hoping for some events that only happen at a certain time and day, or enemies that only spawn in a certain period of time. The clock could also add the possibility to function as a vague stopwatch for races or something like that. The fact, that dates might matter means that there will be important events that happen only rarely.

What purpose it will serve in the end is yet to be announced. We will, of course, Update you when the time comes. Till then, Happy Sailing and don’t forget to add a comment down below!

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