Gold Hoarders


The Gold Hoarder Trading Company was founded by legendary Treasure Hunters who wish to amass a great fortune. They are in possession of a mysterious set of skeleton keys and they will pay pirates a cut of gold when they return chests to them. They work together with the Order of Souls, who make the treasure maps for them. However, the Gold hoarders never follow those maps themselves. Instead, they hire Pirates to do the work for them and pay them in a cut of gold.

Important to note is also how the bodies of the Gold Hoarder Trading Company representatives are partly replaced by gold, which hints towards a curse. There is also a connection to the Gold Hoarder skeleton lord himself, who shares the name, the golden body parts and the obsession with the rare metal.

The Trading Company exists for a long time and even had something to do with the Pirate Lord himself. The Gold Hoarders claim that he stole gold from them and want to have it back from Lesedi and DeMarco.

Ah, let’s not be so clouded as to think these waters can’t be treacherous. This is a job much better suited to people like yourselves.

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