Jean is the cook on The Plundered Crown and a crewmate of Marisabel and Nura. He used to serve dishes to drunks in the Drowned Rat until Bel found him and tasted his food. He then joined their crew and was later held prisoner as a cook for Cole. He writes a few entries in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book while held captive on the ship and helps Bel defeat Cole and The Twisted Knife later on. You can find and cook some of his recipes in the Crew of Thieves Lore compendium or the Lore Book!

Among the things Jean is good at, standing up to scumbags isn’t one of them



Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Location: Unknown, Sea of Thieves

Position: Cook

Organisation: Pirates

Categories Characters
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