Kraken Chest / Whispering Chest

This chest appears in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book and is presumably cursed with the Curse of the Kraken. Captain Flameheart Junior finds it after following a map that was given to him by a mysterious old woman at an outpost. He describes the chest as small, slate-black, untouched by the passage of time and covered in silvery, illegible script in the Merfolk language. Captain Flamehearts ship sinks with the chest on board and gets found by Marisabel and Nura many years later. Marisabel can only read one of the phrases on the chest thanks to her earrings and it says “Do not open”. When she brings it to the Merfolk they are scared of the chest but don’t tell her why. The chest makes a high pitched noise from time to time. In the night before the Kraken attack, the chest whispers to Marisabel. She can also see a face on the chest or inside it somehow like the surface was made of broken glass and it was moving around on the other side somehow. She is not sure whether the chest was actually whispering to her, or whether the whispers were meant for something else. When the Kraken appears at The Crown, all Crew members are held in place and brought to their knees by something invisible. Bel manages to get to the captains quarters and throw the chest overboard. The Kraken leaves the ship alone immediately and disappears.

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