Lore timeline explained

Sea of Thieves lore can be confusing without a guideline. Especially when you try to understand what happens when it can get complicated quickly. To prevent confusion and mixing different stories up, we’ll try to give you a quick overview in this article.


The Lore timeline can be divided into 5 sections. Keep in mind that we do not know the exact numbers and are basing this timeline off of small references in the lore book.

1. The Ancients

This is basically the ancient civilizations on the Sea of Thieves. They made cave paintings and had nature gods, so you can guess what the real-life equivalent of this time would be. They are the ones who made all the paintings and structures/temples you can find while playing. Merfolk existed back then, too!

2. The Pirate Lord & Family

The Pirate Lord was the first person to discover the Sea of Thieves and live to tell the tale. This happened when Pirates and Ships were obviously a thing, so way later than the Ancients. His kids Lesedi and DeMarco obviously also fall into this section of the timeline. (Sea of Thieves Comic Series, referenced in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves)

3. Captain Flameheart

This chapter takes place quite sometime after the pirate lord, we estimate it at least 100 years later. The Pirate Lord is merely a Legend/Myth at this point, a tale that Pirates tell their kids and drunkards sing about in the taverns. This is also where the first half of the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book takes place and the adventures of Flameheart Junior unfold.

4. Marisabel & Nura

The next chapter takes place around 30-60 years after the story of Captain Flameheart. We base this of the fact that Cole, an adult man, claims that he was “but a twinkle” in his father’s eye when Flameheart was cursed. This section of time also forms the second half of the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book, following Bel and Nura on their quest to sell the Kraken’s chest.

5. The current time

This is the time we, as players, play in the Sea of Thieves right now. The First edition of the community Newsletter “Pirate Times” had the year 1702 on it, so it is likely that that’s the current year, but it was never confirmed by the devs. The players and their adventures can, of course, become part of the Sea of Thieves lore, as we can see with a lot of ingame easter eggs, references and legendary moments that will never be forgotten by the community (Captain! Look!)

We hope this little article helps you to understand the lore a bit better if you have any further questions feel free to ask us on Discord, Twitter or Reddit!

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