Marisabel (Bel)

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Marisabel (short Bel) is one of the Protagonists in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves Lore book.

Bel was born on a little island somewhere on the Sea of Thieves. She grew up within a local group of Pirates. Her father teaches her how to dive and be a pirate from a young age. Her diving skills earned her the name “Diving Bel“.  One day, she finds a special set of earrings, which allow her to talk to Merfolk. You can read more about them here: Marisabel’s Earrings.

Bel is married to Nura, whom she grew up with.

When she is older, she accidentally stumbles upon a skeleton on the beach of their island. It holds a book, which is Captain Flamehearts journal (The first part of the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book). She reads it and finds out about the sunken ship with the chest. Then, she dives around shipwrecks until she finds the chest. As there’s writing on the chest in the merfolk language, Bel wants to bring the chest to them. They set course to golden sands outpost, as the merfolk resides close to it at that time of the year. She swims out to the Merfolk to arrange a meeting and brings them the chest the next day. however, they do not like it at all, hiss at her and flee.

Not knowing what to do, Bel and the crew of the Plundered Crown start sailing around the Sea of Thieves to t and sell the chest. After a few more islands they get attacked by two ships from The Twisted Knife. They win the fight but take Cole up as a prisoner on their ship as he knows about the chest. Together they set out to find the Patron, who sent Cole out on a mission to retrieve the chest from them. On their way there, they get attacked by the Kraken. The Kraken chest seems to have summoned it, so they throw it overboard and the Kraken disappears.

Cole uses the weakened state of the ship and the crew to poison(drug them and take the Plundered Crown over with his mates from the Twisted Knife. Bel is killed but soon returns to capture the ship and kill the Twisted Knife, with the help of Jean. She comes out of the captain’s cabin with Nura and the Lore book ends.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Unknown, adult

Gender: Female

Location: On the Plundered Crown

Position: Captain

Organisation: Pirates

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