Everything you need to know about Merfolk in Sea of Thieves!

In our last article, we talked about the secrets of the Hungering Deep update coming in May and what exactly Merfolk has to do with it. This time we want to expand a bit on the lore and give you a quick and comprehensive overview of everything we know about Merfolk in Sea of Thieves. If you don’t have the lore or art books don’t worry, you’ll find all the Merfolk-relevant parts here. If you want to further discuss our content, why don’t you join our Discord over here? https://discord.gg/MrsvRdy


The information listed here is taken from official sources.

  • There’s both Mermen and Mermaids
  • Merfolk are originally Pirates tainted by the Curse of the Drowned, which gradually transforms them
  • We currently know of 3 stages during that transformation
  • Merfolk have their own language, both spoken and written. Humans can’t normally understand this language
  • There are two types of Merfolk. The ones that follow ships around and save people if they fall overboard and the ones who actually run a world beneath the waves
  • Most of the time the Merfolk is moping around the Golden Sands Outpost
  • Mermaids were imbued with the attributes of Greek Sirens during the concept process, mostly as a consequence of being placed on rocks
  • The Merfolk Lair is a ship graveyard that’s been colonized by Merfolk. It’s easy to imagine it growing in size as new victims are lured to their death by the sirens on the rocks above

In-game references

We are going to focus on Discovery Ridge and Mermaids Hideaway for this part. You can read about how the uncharted islands might be related to merfolk in the Hungering Deep article.

Discovery Ridge

This island is very much water-themed. There are paintings of fish, sea horses and of course also Mermaids. Take a look at all of them here!

This image is particularly interesting. It shows the difference between the good Merfolk (Blue) and the evil Merfolk (Yellow). If you look at the way to arms and shoulders are positioned you will see the blue one has a much more human stance while the yellow one looks like a threatening warrior or guardian. Of course, there’s also the difference in what they are holding, the blue one is holding the torch of the Mermaids we already know in-game while the yellow one is holding a trident.

The symbols between the two Mermaids can also be found as tattoos on the arm of this one from the lore/art books
The yellow Mermaid is shown again in this painting. It looks as if it was summoning a storm that causes people to fall off their ship.
Another Mermaid painting
Again you can see a pirate getting help from blue Mermaids

Mermaids Hideaway

The name and the position near the Golden Sands Outpost make this one an obvious choice. The lore book likely references it as the meeting point of one of the books main characters and the merfolk. The lore book mentions “bridges connecting mountain ridges” and a position very close to the edge of the map, which further supports this speculation.

On the island itself, there aren’t too many Mermaid references. You can find the usual landmarks and ruins of an old village. in the middle of the island, there’s a hole which leads to its underwater cave system.

The art book describes Mermaids Hideaway as follows: While merfolk can be found throughout the Sea of Thieves, the idea that a small, nondescript island might secretly provide an entrance to their underwater kingdom was an appealing one. Many different layouts were considered.

There’s multiple Mermaid statues and coral reefs underwater


source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oEAaJ

The interesting part about this Mermaid torch is that the file is called “Mermaid Torch Green” which suggests that there are other color variants, possibly to indicate hostility.

The creator also refers to his website for more detailed breakdowns of the torch and a Kraken skull, among other things, which he apparently isn’t allowed to show yet. This might indicate that there is definitely more to come in this direction
Picture of a friendly Mermaid from the art book
Render of the evil, yellow Mermaid type
Both types of Mermaids were already in the 2016 trailer. Notice the fully transformed one in the bottom left and the three Mermaids on the right that still resemble humans a lot.

These two pictures show the Mermaid Lair. We touched on it in the other article (here), but we’d like to add how much of the physical appearance of the Merfolk can be seen in them. The glowing yellow eyes and the fangs, along with human-like hair sure look very threatening.

The Merfolk does only have a trident or a stick, which indicates that they will be melee NPCs. However, we will have to wait a bit longer for specific information on them.

Transformation gif


You can find this poem in the lore book:


Don’t linger in the waters

Where the merfolk are at play

The ocean’s sons and daughters

Will lead our kind astray.


Though many is the sailor

Who has found themselves on land

After meeting with a strange Mer

That they could not understand,


It seems they care for no reward

For tender ministration

When we have toppled overboard

In our inebriation.


But if it’s you they’ve chosen

They’ll surround you with their kin

Your legs are bound and frozen

In a wrap of silver skin


Soon you’ll be understanding

All that passes from their tongues

No food you’ll be demanding

Nor fresh air to fill your lungs,


And they’ll take you as their brother

Or sister as they please

And you’ll just be another

Of the merfolk in the seas.


We hope that you got some deeper insight into the Merfolk through this article. We plan on starting a regular series that goes more in-depth into the lore of the different islands and factions, so please tell us if you’d be interested in that! If there are any more questions, why don’t join our Discord and ask us there? https://discord.gg/MrsvRdy


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