Mysterious Old Woman


The mysterious old woman meets Captain Flameheart Junior and Isidro at their first Outpost. Two sullen, silent strangers accompany her, but we do not know much more about them. At day, Flameheart trips over the elderly woman at least five times, but she is gracious about it on every occasion. At night, the two stranger accompany Flameheart and Isidro to her tiny shack at the Outpost. They had arranged a meeting with Isidro, gathering at night was a requirement.

The mysterious old woman is thumbing tobacco into a slender clay pipe when Flameheart and Isidro enter the shack. She doesn’t give her name but tells them about an island a great distance from the outpost. It holds a secret so valuable that she has been holding onto it since she was a little girl. Her arms are covered in a netting of intricate tattoos and the ink seems to flow from her fingertips like water onto the black parchment beneath them, revealing an intricate and unsettlingly real depiction of far-off shores.

She then proceeds to give Flameheart the map and never makes an appearance in the book again.

Her tattoos, the fact that she has a map, the circumstances of the meeting and the goal of finding a cursed relic make it very likely that this woman is a representative of the Order of Souls.

The map she gives Flameheart ultimately leads them to the Kraken Chest, meaning that she probably also has a connection to the Patron.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Old when Flameheart Junior meets her at his first Outpost.

Gender: Female

Located at: Tiny wooden shack at an Outpost

Organisation: Unknown/Order of Souls

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