Potions in Sea of Thieves – More than just a rumour?

Potions are very common in video games of all kinds. While they didn’t make their way into the Sea of Thieves just yet, there is some compelling evidence that we might see them soon. As always, we gathered everything there is to know and if you want to discuss our content further, then please visit us in our Sea of Thieves Discord Server!

Potion Seller

Potion Seller Sea of Thieves

This is a page from the Sea of Thieves Artbook. It contains 215 pages full of great and high-quality Sea of Thieves art, so if you want to buy it and support us on the way then please click on the picture down below:

You can see the ominous potion seller along with a few interesting accessories. For one, there is the smoking pipe. We have heard of that before, but the art book also has a few other images of them.

Considering the age rating of the game it isn’t very likely that we will see them in-game at some point, but they would surely be an interesting addition.

Next up you have the vials and the jewelry of the potion seller. They all look like you would imagine from some witchcraft master with lots of bones or even eyes used as decorative elements. The vials sadly do not tell us too much about their contents.

But the really interesting part is the fact that the batwing fragments are used as an ingredient. We will get back to this and how it could mean that there will be a potion crafting system in the game later in this article.

Potion shop

Potion shop Art Book

We can see the potion shop on another page in the Art Book. Seems familiar, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s because it is in the game already!

The potion shop is located at every outpost, just above the Order of Souls Trading Company tent. This isn’t too surprising as this faction already seems to do something related to witchcraft. Whether the Order of Souls is directly related to the Potion shop is currently unknown, but considering they share a building it is quite likely.

Sadly, the doors to the potion shop are currently locked and there is nothing inside, aside from a few floating lights that hint towards an earlier existence of interior.

Sea of Thieves Potion shop hole
Looking through the hole in the roof doesn’t show much, the inside is empty.

But, the potion shop wasn’t always empty. In the closed beta, you could still go and gave a look inside. No worries if you missed it, we made a screenshot for you to enjoy! The potion seller wasn’t ever in there, so we sadly didn’t get to see the character model yet.Sea of Thieves potion shop with potions

Now, this looks quite interesting! One can see different glowing potions in there, as well as some other accessories.

potion shop coutner dice

On the counter, there’s 3 dice which coincidentally show the number 666. This further supports the assumption that there is some form of witchcraft involved.

What potions will there be?

We don’t know yet. The different colors don’t tell us too much about the contents of the potions. However, Joe Neate mentioned that a potion that makes your character look old could be a possible microtransaction in the future, but that’s not directly related to the in-game potion shop as they will surely be available through ingame currency or ingredients.

past data mines have had the names of 3 different potions in them. Sadly those are only abbreviations, but we can already guess what’s behind them.


The first potion sounds like the classic health potion, but could also refer to curing curses or illnesses that are yet to come.


We assume that this stands for resurrect.Only time will tell whether we will ever be able to see a potion that can instantly bring you back from the ferry of the Damned or whether our speculation here is completely wrong.


Could stand for poison. The mechanics for it are already in the game through the snake poison, but whether this potion refers to an antidote or whether it can be used to poison others is currently unknown.



Crafting is another gameplay mechanic that we can find in many games that do also have potions. We think that simply buying potions with gold would be a bit boring, so crafting could definitely be a possible addition to the game. We are not talking about an in-depth Minecraft crafting system, much more some simple gathering and Alchemy.

While this might sound like a wild speculation, we have at least hints that it could be true. Whether Rare decides to implement it in the end or not is up to them, but we would surely like to see some more incentive to exploring and gathering.

  • This mysterious device is standing in the potion shop. It is quite large and my first instinct when I saw it in the game was to try and interact with it. It could be used as some form of crafting station to turn ingredients into potions.
  • There’s some form of kitchen on every galleon. While they might just be decorative, there’s also some more to them. Not only is there a stove and a cooking pot, but you can also see bottles and potions on the shelf, which could also be found in the potion shop.


Crafting doesn’t work with ingredients, so a few forms of gathering would need to come with it. Whether that is fishing, catching other animals or searching for exotic plants or mushrooms, it would have the potential to enrich the world by a lot!

  • The devs already hinted that they want to implement fishing in the game which would be a form of gathering. Only being able to sell the fish without cooking them would feel weird again and they have clearly looked at cooking since there are stoves and pots on the galleon. The players would surely like a fully fledged gathering and processing option in the future.
  • There are various plants in the game and the lore book also mentions different types of fruit. Collecting those in different islands and parts of the world to use as ingredients would again encourage exploration. Whether it is stopping at a small island for a certain type of flower or exploring the underwater caves at the uncharted islands for a certain type of mushroom.
  • The Artbook mentions bat wings as ingredients. Bats are currently in the game and some way to catch them and then use them for potions would be both a great mechanic and it would add a reason to go and explore the various cave systems in the world.

Now keep in mind that all of this is wild speculation and we’ll have to see whether Rare has any of it on their roadmap. However, we would very much welcome such a system in the game!

What do you think?

We used the fact that there is only very little currently know about the potions to speculate a bit more than usual. Therefore, we would very much like to hear your thoughts on the topic! You can also always join our Discord Server to discuss our content and add your thoughts. Happy Sailing!


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