Roadmap – Sea of Thieves

We got our roadmap guys! Go and watch the video if you didn’t do that yet. We wrote a summary further below.


General ideas

  • Broaden the journey to pirate legend and beyond.
  • Introducing unexpected content.
    • A better way to announce content than with patch notes.
  • New ways to play, new goals, new rewards.
  • Encourage different ways to play.
  • Changing the world by weekly events.
  • No extra cost for updates.

The Hungering Deep – May 2018

  • New AI threat (probably merfolk)
  • Encourage crews to work together.
  • New items as rewards.
    • New way for players to communicate (probably speaking trumpet).
  • Teasing before and after.
  • Enriches the world and stays permanently in the game.

Weekly Events

  • Between every big update.
  • Teasing/Introducing/showcasing new content.
  • Hidden treasure event as an example.
  • Giving reasons to explore the world, e.g. underwater caves.
  • Offering faster ways to progress in merchant alliances.
  • Custom or timed rewards that are exclusive.

Cursed Cannonballs

  • To add variety to every session.
  • Making resource gathering more interesting.
  • So resources get even more important in fights.

Skeleton Thrones

  • Thrones in places that are hard to reach.
  • Protected by skeletons.
  • Rewards for reaching them.

Cursed Sails – Summer 2018

  • Another new AI threat
    • different from the one of Hungering Deep;
    • “unexpected”.
  • New ship type
    • for crews of different sizes
  • New rewards like cosmetics etc.

Forsaken Shores – Summer 2018

  • New area.
  • Different new AI threat.
  • “Fantastical theme”

More updates – Fall/Winter 2018

  • Three more updates this year.


We are excited to see how all of this will turn out. Let’s try to be patient and give Rare some time to bring more content. See you on the seas, mateys!

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