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Sea of Thieves has been out for a few days now and although it’s fun and most of us can’t get enough of plundering and fighting, it would be good to see more content on the horizont. We want to give you an overview of what is ahead in the near future.


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Ship captaincy

  • The “Captaincy Update” is expected to come three months after launch.
  • It will give us the chance to rank up from “Legend” to “Legendary Captain”.
  • New ship type: Legendary ship for all sloops and galleons.
  • More ship customization parts like mast and cannons.
  • Read more about it in our content summary.

Private ships

  • Rare said that they are working on the possibility to lock slots on your ship, so only friends can join.
  • Sounded like it’s going to come very soon, but wasn’t quite ready for launch.


  • Buying pets will be the first thing that you will be able to spend money on.
  • Parrots, Cats, and Monkeys confirmed so far.
  • You will be able to fire them out of cannons.
  • If you buy a pet, other people will be able to mess around with and experience it, too.



  • Spotted in shops in the game.
  • Mentioned in datamines.
  • Rare said in the AMA that it’s almost ready.

Parallel voyages

  • Rare said in their AMA that they are working on the feature.
  • They don’t know what way to put it in.
  • Bottles and Books seem to be the prototype of it.

Hinted content


  • Rare stated in the AMA that
    • “They might make an appearance in future”.
    • They already prototyped them internally.


Evolved kraken

  • Rare stated in their AMA that the
    • “The kraken as a threat might evolve…”.



  • The demand for fishing is extremely high.
  • There have been hints by Rare, that this is acutally coming to SoT.

Thanks a lot for reading!

We hope we did a good job at giving you an overview of the tons of info we collected. We will be posting some more in-depth articles about some of the topics in the near future, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to join our Discord server to find people to play with and chat about the game with us 🙂

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