Sea of Thieves February 13th News Summary

With the press embargo ending today, February 13th, we go a ton of news on Rare’s upcoming game Sea of Thieves. While all the articles and videos are surely interesting to look at, it can be hard to keep track of all the information from each one. We went through all of them and wrote down all the new things and sorted them to give you a quick and complete overview of everything that’s new. Note that this is just about the press embargo news and doesn’t include anything from the various data mining posts.


  • Players will be able to share their unlocked voyages
  • Gold and experience is shared amongst the crew
  • Crew bond is a core part
  • Remove barriers that stop players from being able to play together
  • We have a game about using tools, showing off your reputation, choosing to show off your progress by how you’re dressed and the title you use
  • The voyages you put on the table will cosmetically look better to represent its rewards
  • Getting the “Legend” status is a long-term goal and requires you to progress a lot with trading companies and other NPCs
  • Even very dedicated players will only reach that status weeks after launch and will, therefore, get some fame in the community 🙂
  • Reaching “Legend” status is the endgame for launch, but only the start for the future content
  • Legends will, of course, get access to special titles, outfits and customization options
  • Hints towards a fourth trading company
  • Unlocking new songs will be related to Progression


  • After you reached “legend” status you will get access/a key to a special Hideout
  • The exact location of the hideout is currently unknown to us
  • From the Hideout NPCs, you will get access to high-tier quests and rewards
  • You will be able to get those quests in the “Tavern of Legends”, which is situated in the Hideout. Ghosts of the E3 2016 characters make an appearance there
  • You will be able to share access to the Hideout with other players in your crew, just as you will be able to share the special voyages with them
  • By talking to the ghosts you will hear hints towards the new trading company and future content
  • Inside the Captains Cabin of the ship in the background is the Pirate Lord who sells legendary voyages
  • These voyages are Sea of Thieves take on public events or “if Sea of Thieves did Raid Content” (Skeleton Forts?)

Ship Captaincy

  • This new system will be introduced with a big update a few months after launch
  • Legendary Players will get access to a new ship that allows for unique forms of customization
  • Others will be able to recognize your achievements by simply looking at your ship from a distance
  • Pirate Legends will be able to ascend to Captains
  • This is where Rare will shift the focus from the personal Legends to the Crew Legends, allowing groups of players to become feared on the high seas, adding in new systems for dedicated teams
  • Once you have your own ship you won’t start at the taverns anymore, but in your hideout
  • You will be able to explode out of the hideout with your ship like Batman


  • Currently, there are 3 biomes in the world: Shores of Plenty, Ancient Isles, and The Wilds – we don’t mark them on the map – but one’s more ancient civilization, one’s more Maldivian white sands, one’s more dark and oppressive
  • Beyond launch, we’re going to expand the size of the map, as we grow. We’ll look at increasing ship numbers per world, too
  • New islands can appear in our sea, islands can be destroyed, and what’s on the islands will change over time, too
  • Something like a curse might get released and change the world
  • For now, the closed beta map size will also be the launch map size, although stuff like reefs might get added and changed


  • No safe zones. Not even if Reddit really wants them
  • Death will be punishing without being too frustrating or discouraging
  • You won’t lose your accrued gold, anything you purchased, your voyages or your reputation when you die
  • New threats at sea and on land are coming, although possibly not already at launch
  • However, more things in the sea and “stuff” on the islands will be in at launch
  • Playing music and drinking grog doesn’t buff you in any way, it exists for fun moments with your crew
  • Rare has prototyped alliances and they might be supported in the game too (We assume this is about the clans/fleets that have already formed around the game)
  • There will be more loot aside from chests, like treasure artifacts
  • No PvE only areas
  • There will most likely be more ships to choose from in the future

Skeleton Fort Raids

  • Gigantic Skull cloud will sometimes appear above the forts, visible for every player from a very large distance
  • Swarming with powerful skeletons
  • Once you kill the Outpost skeleton boss he drops a key that players can pick up and fight over
  • The player with the key can open the forts vault full of treasure
  • The Forts should serve as an opportunity for players that are looking for PvP and huge treasure hauls


  • There will be different animals, but at launch, only pigs, snakes and chicken will have a gameplay effect
  • Pigs need feeding to stay alive
  • Snakes poison you and can be charmed with music
  • Chickens will make loud noises which might alert other crews of their presence
  • Animals can drown, get hit by lightning and even blow up
  • Snakes could be used as makeshift traps for boarding crews


  • New apparel will just get added to the game when it’s done, no need to wait for the next “big patch”
  • When you first start the game you will be presented with a wheel of 8 randomly generated characters to choose from. You can reroll them as often as you like, but once you choose one it becomes bound to your Microsoft account and can’t be rerolled again.
  • The idea is that no two pirates will look exactly the same
  • There will be no body customization sliders, but you will be able to change things like hairstyles, beards, peg legs, hooks, and more transitory cosmetic options
  • Hitboxes are normalized, so smaller characters have no advantages over bigger ones

Ship customization

  • You will only be able to change your ship at an outpost (shipwright?), your ship’s loadout will be fixed during your adventures
  • Players can buy cosmetic upgrades – figureheads, sail designs, and specific hulls – that they keep forever, in the same way as clothing or equipment
  • They can be applied to any boat, meaning each time you play, you and your crew can decide on the look of the ship
  • The more concrete form of “ship ownership” will be the Ship Captaincy mentioned above


  • Timed events will be a regular thing from launch on
  • There will be fun and time-limited quests that will give you exclusive stuff as reward
  • These events and quests will still always follow the Sea of Thieves lore
  • They have lots of possibilities for small events, for example, increase frequency of sharks for a day, add more vicious storms or raising the tides temporarily
  • These events might sound like small changes, but if all voyages point to the same region for the day the game will feel different from usual, which is better than no variation at all


  • Shouting trumpet: Will allow you to contact ships that are too far away for proximity voice chat
  • White flag to signal surrender and other sorts of signs
  • Messages in Bottles


  • 100% in the game at launch
  • It’s a random world encounter and can’t be actively triggered by the players
  • The fight with the Kraken will be different each time thanks to its scale and complexity
  • It can: Attack multiple ships at once, pick player up, ingest players, slam them in the water, dunk them under water, throw them across the map, wrap your ship, punch holes in your ship, rock your ship, spray ink
  • You can fight the tentacles so they release you
  • It will be an epic and memorable experience each time, designed to be replayable
  • There  will be special rewards for killing the Kraken


  • Microtransactions will only be implemented to the game in the first major update approximately 3 months after launch
  • Launch should be focused on the game and the transition to the game as a service and the needed funding for that will happen with that update
  • Microtransactions won’t affect power or progression in any way
  • Lootboxes won’t be in the game
  • Bought items should be fun, social and have an emotional value, but no functional value
  • No intent to charge for content updates (No season pass or DLC, updates will always be free)
  • Fun Potions might also be an MTX option (Potion that makes you look old for example)
  • Some of the Microtransaction things will also have an option to be earned through in-game currency


  • Buying pets will be the first thing that you will be able to spend money on
  • Parrot, Cat, and Monkey confirmed so far
  • You will be able to fire them out of cannons
  • It will fit the style of the game and be more fun and silly than cruel 🙂
  • If you buy a pet other people will be able to mess around with and experience it, too
  • So if you have a parrot, you will be able to pick it up and run around with it, but someone else can also pick it up and then drown with it (no worries it will come back to you)


  • First significant update will be around 3 months after launch
  • Updates will service all kinds of players, whether you are a hardcore gamer or a casual
  • New quest types, new trading companies and other gameplay possibilities like fishing will get added to the game over time
  • Smaller additions will just be put into the game without having to wait to get released  as part of a big update
  • Events will come daily/weekly, then the bigger updates like for example introduction of underwear to the game, to the really big updates that release every 6-8 weeks (pet system for example)
  • Game will be supported and updated as long as people keep playing it
  • Rare has a detailed roadmap until the end of this calendar year


Thanks a lot for reading!

We hope we did a good job at giving you an overview over the tons of info we got today. We will be posting some more in-depth articles about some of the topics in the near future, so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to join our Discord server to find people to play with and chat about the game with us 🙂

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