Sea of Thieves Kraken – Body and Cosmetics revealed?

The Kraken is one of the hot topics in the community since before the launch of the game. However, when people first got to see it, they were disappointed. The Kraken looked disappointing, had no body and no rewards. Even the fight iself is rather dull and doesn’t pose much of a challenge. This surely isn’t how the playerbase envisioned it, but the devs didn’t, either. 

After reading this article you will know what the kraken was supposed to look like, how it is referenced in the game and see what items or cosmetics we already know of. As always, join our Discord Server to discuss and get the latest news!

What the Kraken was supposed to look like

There are multiple versions of the Kraken in the Artbook, but we know this is the one the devs chose in the end. Its colors range from blue to red, with a very characteristic head-shape and 4 glowing orange eyes. You can see its size compared to a person in the bottom of the top picture. It surely is huge enough to fight multiple ships at once. What’s also interesting is that it has a main body with a lot of bones, which you wouldn’t expect from a Kraken. The fact that the tentacles are in it’s back and that it has a mouth and face on the other side make it unique, but also cause a few questions. Is it facing backward while it is grabbing a ship? How does it fight? Does it have 4 eyes to see while grabbing someone?

This is a page from the Sea of Thieves Artbook. It contains 215 pages full of great and high-quality Sea of Thieves art, so if you want to buy it and support us on the way then please click on the picture down below:

How do we know this is what the Kraken should have looked like?

This variation is the only one which is activey referenced in the game and the only image that is present in both the lore and art books. Examples of these references can be found down below.

Skull above the tavern

The interesting part about this skull is its shape. Just looking at it you can probably imagine that it belongs to some huge bird, but a Kraken? This topic has been highly controversial in the community. From sea serpents to giant birds we have seen about every posible explanation for them. While all of those ideas are awesome and most of them would find a place in the world, we could find out that these skulls do indeed belong to the Kraken. Also, notice how there’s room for 2 pairs of eyes.

Matt Wilkins (Rare) uploaded these pictures to his ArtStation as “Kraken Skull” source:
Full Kraken skeletons are located mostly in the wilds, Kraken‘s Fall is, of course, a great spot to search for them

Ingame references

The body as part of the encounter isn’t in the game yet, but we can already find parts of it elsewhere. While researching we found that especially the wilds are very much Kraken-themed and are full of small hints towards it. We collected some images which should give you an idea of what we mean with “ingame references”.

Obviously, the tentacles are part of the Kraken.
Notice the decoration on top of the roof here? Poor Kraken!
The hide seems to be part of the normal furniture in every outpost in the wilds



This Kraken Wheel is located in the general shop at Galleons Grave Outpost

Kraken themed ship cosmetics are something a lot of people were looking for and this wheel might just indicate that. Further, it supports our assumption for what variation the developers settled on in the end as the eye looks the same as the one above.

The devs also stated that there would be physical loot as the reward for defeating the Kraken. We hope for something different than chests, maybe pieces of the Kraken which server as curency at a new trader. There you could exchange your loot for cosmetic items.

Kraken sails from older dev videos


This outfit is heavily Kraken-inspired with the colors, fabric and the eyepatch that again resembles the eye of the beast. It isn’t currently available in the game, same as all other content around the encounter, but we are sure that this will be one of the outfit options once they become available.

Why it wasn’t in the game at launch

Judging from the Artbook, as well as common sense, it is clear that the Kraken was and most likely still is supposed to have a body. So, why wasn’t it in the game at launch?

There are a few different possible reasons for this:

  • Technical Difficulties
  • Developers decided the benefits didn’t justify the costs
  • Didn’t finish it in time
  • They never intended to put the full Kraken in at launch

“So, the hard thing is prioritizing just what is the right thing to put in for launch. We have all these things we want to do – but what’s good enough for launch? What sells our vision?”

Mike Chapman,  in an interview about the Kraken just over a month pre-launch. (source)

We think that it was a mix of these factors. We know that the Kraken is a very technically demanding entity and as such, it is likely that they just didn’t manage to finish it in time. Time and money were two big factors in the decision to leave it out from the launch game. However, another big factor was juggling the priorities. If they had focused on the Kraken body in the months surrounding launch it is likely that the game would be lacking in other parts. We know for certain that the devs are and were working very hard and looking back at it having a game that runs smoothly and mostly bug-free is probably more important than having a Kraken body.


Adding a body would make the encounter feel like an actual encounter and we could get a sense of this huge beast roaming through the world, right now it just feels like a black noodle soup spawns near your ship. Not only visually could the body enhance the experience, but the body could improve the gameplay and mechanics in the fight. Having the bright yellow eyes glow in the dark water and then diving to attack the Kraken would improve the Sea of Thieves by a substantial amount. with the body, it would maybe also be possible for the Kraken fight to have different stages where he used his tentacles or just swims around your ship and rams it with his body.

Do we think it’ll come one day?

Yes, although the focus will shift to other gameplay elements we still believe that it will have a body one day. considering that the body probably won’t change its gameplay much, it is hard to tell whether it is on their list of priorities, but one day we might get to actually see it in game. If we ever see the body we expect it together with a full overhaul of the whole encounter.



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