Lack of Content?

Last week we gave you a summary of everything Sea Of Thieves has to offer at launch. While a lot seem very happy and manage to have fun, some people are put off by what could be called emptiness, if you compare it to games that are currently popular. We want to give some insight, why SoT looks like this and why this might or might not change in the (near) future. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and join our discord

Why this article?

After writing the last article, we were very happy with the nice response. But there is always more than one opinion. While one of the biggest comments on reddit was about progression, which we will talk about later, there was one repost that I felt was very unfair. It takes the summary and tries to shine a negative light on almost all aspects of it, feeling like an attempt to somewhat shroud the game in a kind of negativity that is so common within the gaming world these days. A much better approach to this would be:


“This game needs constructive criticism. Don’t try to silence it. If you want the game to succeed, listen to it, upvote it, let it be seen so Rare can do something about it.”

The right approach

Let’s not waste our time with fanboying around: We need more content, than what we actually saw ingame. But this was just the Beta and Rare already showed us some more things within the past days. There is a lot hinted, and there is a lot that is way too fancy to ever be in the game. Let’s try to split this up. We will try to show both sides of the argument.

The Problems

Starting SoT is an amazing experience. I haven’t found anyone that felt different. So let us assume the problem starts, at least for some, if you play it for longer. People feel like

  • randomly generated characters are bad,
  • not getting stronger is boring,
  • microtransactions are unfair,
  • quests are too monotonous,
  • there is not enough stuff to do,
  • there are too few enemy types,
  • there are too few weapons,
  • there are too few ship types,
  • there are too few animals,
  • the world is too small,
  • there are too few ships on the map.

So why would big and smart – let’s just assume that – companies put so much money and time into a game and promote it so eagerly, if they just don’t fill  it with enough stuff? Why only random characters?!

Too few

I don’t know if you noticed it, but there is a pattern in the problems that people see in SoT: Too few. So why is that? Developing big games costs a lot of time. Rare could have waited longer with the release to fill the world with more things, but they didn’t. So why is there not more content in the first place? We honestly don’t know. Sorry. There’re a ton of good ideas about chests, but Rare didn’t pick them up, at least now yet.

However, Rare intends to keep developing the game for several years and Microsoft seems to support that. If you are more of the impatient sort, which is totally fine, this could get very disappointing for you.

World is too small

Noticed how Rare missed out on the opportunity to sell physical maps? They are going to change it! Rare already confirmed, that they want to add, change and remove entire islands from the map. Don’t underestimate that. We know a lot of players that have sunk multiple hundreds of hours into this game and while the map might not look huge while you look at it, its size was never an issue while playing. in fact, you barely notice it. There is a lot of detail, even underwater!


Why? Servers cost money, microtransactions are the easy way to find a solution for that. The gaming community found its way to accept that. We already have that in games that are full price in the first place.

  • World of Warcraft
  • Overwatch
  • Black Desert Online
  • Destiny
  • GTA V

Please don’t forget that there will always be updates that are at 100% free, so when they make a patch, you do not have to pay for it, just for a some small part.

Random Character Generation

Rare decided to develop something they call the “Infinite Pirate Generator”. I could tell you now, that this isn’t really random, because you can’t get a pirate, that another player picked. But I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t really care about that, you want to make the perfect pirate for yourself! And again –  that is perfectly fine. But Rare wants you to pick one and live with not only his pretty eyes but also his big nose! Why? Because it has potential to be fun, if you make it so!

Horizontal Progression

Fancy word, isn’t it? It means that you only progress in a direction, that doesn’t make you stronger. This might be the biggest upset for some people, because it cuts the possibilities of SoT. You can’t put a mortar on your ship, because it would be too much of a disadvantage for new players. So why is Rare doing this? They put their focus on fun and on the possibility for people to bring their friends into the game, without them having a hard time keeping up. This will never change. A lot of people seem to have a problem with that. I’m not saying they’re wrong, but this might not be their game.

The probable solution


There has been much more hinted, even ingame. By following quest after quest, you won’t find that. We don’t know how much of that is actually included at launch, but even if it isn’t, this is not a game that will get abandoned after launch. Microsoft is using Sea of Thieves as their flagship, as we would say in german. Talking of a 10 year roadmap might be a bit too much, but this seems to be the intention. Meaning that you will not only buy the game in its current state, you will get a ton of free updates in the (+near) future!


Rare wants to keep the gameplay loop interesting by changing it up a lot. Of course they won’t change the core of the game, but they will make sure you regularly have a fresh experience when you play. They might vary from seasonal events, like winter, to smaller things like shark encounters. Some timed events will reward you with exclusive and rare stuff like outfits or titles.


For those that missed it: You can get SoT as part of the Game Pass on Xbox and/or PC. This will give everyone the chance to test the game, keep bringing new players to the game and what’s most important for us: It will keep the game relevant for Microsoft, and as long as that’s the case, we will get new content!

Buy the game or Game Pass?

You can’t decide? Very simple:

  1. Do you trust in Rare and Microsoft to stay true to their word? – Buy it
  2. Do you have enough money to pay and not to care if it fails? – Buy it
  3. You are not sure about either of these things? – Get the gamepass
  4. If you can’t accept the concept of the game – Use the game pass trial
  5. Do you want the game free for three months? – Enter our giveaway

tl;dr (recap)

Asking for more content is completely fine and makes sense, since it only shows that you already like what’s in it! There is a lot to like about the game and there’s a lot we can hope for in the future. We don’t know for sure if there will be more in the game at launch, just don’t expect it. Honestly, if you like the concept of the game, you will have at least 100 hours of fun even if they add nothing more. If you are patient,  there is the possibility that this game will get very big. But Rare could also do some critical mistakes and ruin it easily. Only time will tell. We at the Crew of Thieves are looking eagerly towards the release and can’t wait to see it ourselves!

You want to discuss it?

An opinion is something that everyone is allowed to have! If you want to share your with us, please don’t hesitate and join our discord We are building a community and would love to see you in it, whether you are 100% hyped or not sure if even want to get the game.

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