Sea of Thieves Lore: Introduction

Sea of Thieves has a very rich and in-depth lore. Sadly, this is not apparent to the normal players, as most of the lore is outside of the game. It might not be feasible for everyone to buy the comics, the lore book, the art book and the upcoming model just to learn something about the history of the world. We at Crew of Thieves have access to all of these sources, so we will try to give everyone insights into the lore! Stay tuned for more content, and please join our Discord Server!

What is the Sea of Thieves?

The Sea of Thieves is the area of the world, in which the game plays. The Sea of Thieves is located in the real world, however, it is described as a “fold in the map”. It is surrounded by something called the “devils shroud”, which essentially is a mist that destroys everything it touches. Therefore only experienced sailors with maps can actually travel to the Sea of Thieves. Getting there is a very dangerous voyage and not many ships even make it into the Sea of Thieves. Getting out of it alive is nearly impossible. The location of the Sea of Thieves is somewhere around the real-world Mosquito Island,

When does the game take place?

According to the first issue of the “Pirate Times” community newsletter, we are writing the year 1702.

What’s the history of the Sea of Thieves?

The history can be divided into 4 different periods that we know of. First, there were the ancient people. You can find their paintings and structures on pretty much every island. Not too much is known about them. They were an ancient civilization that lived in the Sea of Thieves. They had their own gods and they knew how to use some mystic powers, like curses. The next episode that we know of is told by the comic series, as well as mentioned in the Lore book. It is the story of the Pirate Lord and his two children. You can read more about the Pirate Lord here. Next up is the Lore book. It gives insight into a time after the Pirate Lord and the stories of the protagonists. Then there’s the time we are playing in right now. 

What are the trading companies doing in the Sea of Thieves?

While very dangerous, there is also lots of treasure in the Sea of Thieves. The trading companies sent their envoys there purely to profit. You can read more about each trading company and their motives here.

Who are the players, lore-wise?

We, the players, represent newcomers to the Sea of Thieves, who yet have to build their reputation. How we go there is unknown, but we have a ship and a crew (if we chose to have one), so that’s enough to get started. By building trust and reputation with the Trading companies and fighting lots of pirates, as well as monsters, we can slowly make our way to becoming a true Pirate Legend.

How does death work in the lore?

According to our sources death used to be permanent in the Sea of Thieves until one day the ghost captain and his ship showed up. Now, everyone who dies appears on his ship and starts again at an outpost when they step through the captains quarters door. “Respawning” is, therefore, a completely normal thing in the lore. The characters still have their memories and everything after being revived. Generally, the Lore is very much oriented around the gameplay of the game. Everything that works when you play also has some explanation in the lore.

I want to get into the lore of Sea of Thieves, where should I start?

Currently  😉 there is no good place that has all the important lore. Therefore the comics, the lore and the art book are the only sources, with the novel being published later this year. If you want to go by chronological order of events, then you have to read the comics first, then the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book. The art book doesn’t have any direct lore, but there’s still a lot of info in it. Aside from that, talking to the NPCs in the game can tell you quite a bit and, if you have a general overview of the lore, you will understand a learn quite something from them. We will also write more articles to make the lore available to everyone for free, so we hope that’ll help, too.

What questions about the lore of Sea of Thieves do you have?

We want to turn lore into a more prominent series on this website, so we are really looking for your questions. If there’s an explanation in the publicly available lore, then we have it! please join our Discord Server to ask questions or ask them in the comments on Reddit. We will collect them and try to answer as many as we can in future articles. Thank you very much!

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