Sea of Thieves Lore: Ferry of the Damned

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The Ferry of the Damned is one of the central places in Sea of Thieves. No matter how you play, sooner or later you will find yourself here. it is a very special place, as it gives you the chance the respawn and start over again. However, you sadly can’t talk to the ghost captain, so what’s the story of the Ferry? There’s not too much known about it, but you’ll find everything that is in this article!

Where is the Ferry located?

We all know that the ferry is under the middle of the map in the game. However, that’s just for technical reasons-. In the lore, the Ferry is located in the “Sea of the Damned”. It is a place outside of the real world and yet connected to it. The Sea of the Damned is described as “an eerie miasma which, it is said, is filled with the writhing spirits of the dead.”

Where did the Ferry come from?

Death used to be just death on the Sea of Thieves once. There was no way back, if you died you were lost on the Sea of the Damned forever. One day the ghost captain showed up with his door and now everyone gets new chances at life. The specifics of how he got to captain the Ferry are sadly unknown. Other details about the ferry are the hippocampus, a mythological creature which can be found on multiple locations of the ship, most prominently as the figurehead. The ship itself looks very damaged, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem ion the Sea of the Damned.

Who is the Captain of the Ferry?

His looks show a lot of the tornment he has endured in the past. He is full of scars and has a massive hole in his stomach area. He is described as “tall, cold and gaunt, mirthless in the mercy he provides”.His feet are chained to the ship itself, so it doesn’t seem like he is there on his own account. The developers have said that he is doomed to stay there, but the reasons are unknown.


Does the Ferry have a crew aside from the captain?

Yes, the Ferry has a crew in the lore. Dead souls are even able to talk to them but aside from that not much is known. The Captain does, however, seem to have the ability to add anyone to this crew and deny them the passage back to the living.

Can you escape the Ferry without going through the captains quarters door?

Pirates might want to not return to the world of the living anymore after having lived countless lives. Sometimes, these souls find a way back to the world of the living. This is how ghosts come to be. Ghost themselves aren’t harmful for the most part, sometimes you can’t even talk to them. They are just spirits you can see and hear. If these souls do however find a way to old remains and take them over, then they turn into skeletons. Those who retain their minds, despite a lack of a living brain, are often seen commanding their bony brethren and are considered”Skeleton Lords”.


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