The Twisted Knife

The Twisted Knife is one of the most feared groups on the Sea of Thieves. They are mercenaries who follow a simple credo: They hunt down and sink pirates in exchange for money. Patrons can hire them for all kinds of dirty tasks. We do only know of one such task, given to the Crew of “The Salty Hippo” and one other, unnamed ship. The Task was given to them by an anonymous Patron, who was searching for a whispering chest. This chest was located on board of The Crown at the time, so The Twisted Knife set sails. Although they had two ships, they initially lost the fight. The Salty Hippo was sunk and the other ship had to flee. Later the Twisted Knife would capture The Crown after drugging its Crew. Cole stayed Captain of the Ship for a bit until it was captured back by Bel. What happened with the Twisted Knife after the failed mission is unknown.


Appears in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Type: Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters

Leader: Unknown

Members: Cole, Soapy Samson, Knock-knee Norris, many other nameless members

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