Why YOU should try Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves is one of my most anticipated games in a long time. I know that a lot of you feel the same way, but sometimes it’s hard to convince your friends. This article should help by giving them an idea of all the great things Sea of Thieves has to offer. Feel free to share it and make your friends sign up before December 1st!

1. It’s Different

To understand this point I want you to think about something:

When was the last time that you started a multiplayer game on your PC or Console for the sole Purpose of Fun? The last time where you didn’t log in because of some Daily Quests or to grind for a better ranking? When was the last time that you turned the game off after playing and really felt relaxed?

The point I am trying to make is: Multiplayer games have drifted into Competitiveness and Min-Maxing in the past few years. Often times, I would start a game up to have some fun, but after playing for a while I actually felt stressed out and exhausted.  Online Gaming has evolved into a whole new Industry, centered on Skill and League rankings. With this shift, games that exist for the sole purpose of relaxing and having fun with your friends have decreased a lot in numbers.

This is where Sea of Thieves comes in. It’s a game with no obligations or restrictions. You don’t have to get better at it to have fun. That alone is already a big argument that makes it stand out from the current gaming scene.

I want to emphasize that I personally like Competitive Games. However, there currently is a lack of games for me where I can just relax and play. Games where I don’t have to cramp up and focus, where I don’t get flamed for every mistake, where I just play for the sake of fun.

2. It’s a Game for Everyone

The Fact that Sea of Thieves centralizes fun leads us to the next Point. It’s a Game for every Type of Player.

Can you only spend 2 hours a week playing video Games? Are you a Role-Player? Do you play 16 Hours a Day? Are you a PvE Player? A Treasure Hunter? A Brutal Pirate?

Then Sea of Thieves is just the right game for you. There are no set expectations, no need to play a certain amount of time. Need to go soon? Finish you voyage and leave, without any punishments. The Game lets players decide what to do and when to do it, which is why it caters to so many different people. If your goal is to be the best PvPer in the world, alright, spend your days hunting other Ships. If your Goal is to just turn your brain off and enjoy the scenery, go ahead.

Giving this amount of freedom to the players allows everyone to thrive and enjoy the game in their own ways.

3. It’s a Game about Pirates

Remember the Feedback from Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag? People loved it and I personally spent a huge amount of time on the Ship. The Combat and Atmosphere, the Feel of a Pirate world appealed to a lot of players. It is such an interesting theme. Every Child knows what a pirate is/was and a lot of us wanted to be one at some point in our lives. Not only is it a topic with historical value, but it is also rare in the gaming Industry. Only once every few years we see a Pirate Game, but advancements in technology finally allow us to really BE a pirate. WE get to choose what we want to do, something that hasn’t been possible a while ago. Not only on a technological level is this amazing, but it also opens up so many opportunities. People will finally be able to enjoy the Pirate Life that they always wanted to experience.

4. Write Your Own Story!

This is one of the core elements of Sea of Thieves. The Game itself only provides a framework but you, the Player, have to write the Story. It’s like those assignments in school where you get 5 Words and have to write a story about them. Sea of Thieves gives you the mechanics, what you do with them is your choice.

Yes, I know what happened with No Man’s Sky, but I also know what happened with Minecraft. Giving Freedom to players is a concept that can go very well. This, combined with the Crew-Based Gameplay leads to a lot of spectacular and memorable moments while Playing. I had the chance to play the game for a few hours and could already talk so much about all of the different Things I have experienced.

5. Amazing Graphics, Sound, Atmosphere, and Gameplay

This one is tough to explain to people who didn’t get to play yet. From the first time I stepped onto my Ship, till the second I closed the game I felt immersed. The Art-Style is cartoon-ish, yet so beautiful and the Islands are a pleasure to look at. Listening to the different sound elements, the Water and experiencing the Sound change as you go under Deck is breathtaking. Everything fits together so well, it’s like reading a good Book.

The whole Design of the Game is coordinated and finely tuned to achieve this Atmosphere. It’s hard to believe how much more threatening a storm feels when all of these factors work together. Immersion is a big aspect of this Type of Games and I have to say that the Developers did a beautiful job at it.

Not only this, but the Gameplay is matched to fit the Atmosphere. The UI is minimal to cause as little distraction as possible. Menus are turned into Physical Items located in the Game world. A ton of small changes coexist to create a true Piece of Art.

6. The Developers

Rare as a Studio has a fantastic history. The Studio itself may not ring a bell for every Gamer nowadays, but the titles they have created remain legendary. Games like Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 or Perfect Dark are widely considered classic, must-play titles. It is comforting to know that Sea of Thieves is a game made by people with tons of experience and a Company whose name is trusted in the Industry.

To shine a light onto the Developers of the Game itself, they have made a great effort to stay in touch with the community. The Insider Programme is an Opportunity for Gamers and Developers both alike, and Rare saw that. Constant Updates from them allow a smooth and reliable development process. Considering that this isn’t some early-access indie game, but a big Studio funded by Microsoft, it really shows where their values are. Numerous times I could experience how they handle Feedback from the Community and my Respect for them has grown a lot.

That’s why I believe that Sea of Thieves is in the right hands and that User Experience is important to the Developers. Especially considering the number of Issues between big Publishers and Gamers in the recent past this is comforting.


These are the reasons why I can’t wait for Sea of Thieves to release. I consider myself a rational person and surely there is a lot of things that aren’t perfect. I still wanted to share why I am convinced that Sea of Thieves will succeed and probably introduce a new type of games into the Industry.

Don’t forget to tell me why YOU think that Sea of Thieves is a great game in the Comments down below. Bonus Points if you name one feature that you would like to see in the game. Happy Sailing!

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