More Social Spaces in Sea of Thieves!

Sea of Thieves has some amazing possibilities when it comes to the Social Aspects of the game. While others have tried in-game voice chat before, it usually results in a lot of toxicity. Sea of Thieves, however, is a cooperative game in its core rendering communication a fun tool. When there is no heavy competitiveness, the likelihood of toxicity is much lower. There is still room for improvement on this social side and some people have suggested areas for people to meet up.

Big Outpost/Pirate City

Social Outpost in the Evening

One way to allow players to meet up would be a big outpost. It wouldn’t have to be located on the actual in-game map. Instead, it would serve more as a lobby between voyages. Players could start the game and spawn on the Outpost Island. There, they could then go to the tavern to meet random people, go to the Shops and Buy Equipment, Participate in Games or go to the BlackBoard and find a crew. Also, players could maybe be able to trade with each other (similar to Runescape) and get to show off their cool Outfits. This would allow for way more social interaction than currently in the game. But why do we need this interaction?

Well, currently the only people you really talk to are your crewmates. But there are so many other People to talk to? Well, no, not really. When you meet another Crew it will end in a fight most of the times. Of course, there have been a lot of more friendly meetings in the tech alpha games, but this will change once all the random people join the community. Well, then there’s the Ferry of the Damned to meet other players, right? This might be true, however, currently, there is one big design issue with it. Your crewmates can still hear you through voice chat. This leads to some weird situations where you talk with someone on the ferry, but your crew can only hear your voice. This is a relatively small issue and the ferry of the damned definitely has a social aspect to it.

That’s why I think that Players should have the ability to find more social interaction if they want to.

Coming back to the Big Outpost it should serve as a place for those social interactions. Imagine how cool it must feel to log in and then get hired by some guy on the beach. This could be so much more immersive than just queuing up for a game.

I do think that a simple matchmaking should still exist for people that don’t have the time to take part in this process, but it would also a nice option for all the other players.

Private Islands

Lone Island in Sea of Thieves

This Idea has already been brought up very often on the forums. People seem to just like the idea of an own home in video games. A lot of MMORPGs already feature a similar system. Players can buy houses and customize them with different furniture. Not only does this add a whole new niche to a game, but it also brings players together. Homes are often accompanied by some sort of buff for the Player. Could this work in Sea of Thieves?

I really like the Idea of an own House/Island/Outpost. I know that I would be able to spend hours discovering or buying new furniture. Not only does this add more depth and longevity to the game, I also get to share my home with others.  There could be expensive furniture to spend your gold on and paintings that you could make from screenshots. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The devs have, however, stated that they want everything to happen in this one, shared world. So how can Player homes work?

Player Homes could, for example, be located on the map itself. If the max. Server Size it 16 Players, then there could be 16 more Islands on the map with Player Homes. They don’t have to be unique, they just show each player home. Not only would it be cool to see your Island when sailing through the world, but maybe you could also attack other players and steal their Treasure! This would add a whole new mechanic to the game. These Islands shouldn’t be a new main objective, but more a fun addition for players to loot and attack while solving a riddle.

What are your ideas for Social Spaces?

What do you think? Are these ideas reasonable at all? Tell me in the comments down below! Also, don’t forget to take a look at the news section from time to time!

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