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The Sea of Thieves Athena’s Fortune novel is going to release very soon which means there is no better time to refresh your knowledge on Sea of Thieves lore. Not everyone wants to read the lore book and piece all the little things together, so we’ll try to go over everything that is relevant as quickly as possible in this article, while also providing links for those that want to dig a bit deeper. Let’s get started!


The Sea of Thieves is a place in the real world. The current time we are playing in is the late 18th century, but the lore also takes place before that. The people in the real world outside of the Sea of Thieves know about it, but only few are brave enough to attempt to find their way into it. It is described as a “fold in the map”. The following Lore headings represent the timeline in which the events took place.


Mentioned in: Briefly mentioned a few times in the Sea of Thieves Lore Book

Not much is known about the ancient civilizations on the Sea of Thieves. They weren’t pirates, prayed to animal Gods and built huge temples out of slabs of stone. You can still find their paintings and markings on almost every island in the Sea of Thieves. When the first Pirates came to the Ancient Isles they learned how to curse a chest or how Ancient Coins work, but that knowledge is lost as no one wrote it down. What happened to the Ancients is currently unknown, but it is not unlikely that the Devils Shroud wiped them out.

Pirate Lord

Mentioned in: Mentioned in both the Sea of Thieves Lore Book and the Comic series, ingame

The Pirate Lord was one of the first people to discover the Sea of Thieves and live to tell the tale. He had a wife and two kids and regularly came back to the real world with his treasures. He even had his own Tavern outside the Sea of Thieves! Sadly, he did not return to his family from his last voyage into the Sea of Thieves. We know that he turned into a ghost after being stabbed in the back multiple times by his own crew, who had turned into skeletons. He currently resides in the Tavern of Legends.

Additional lore entries: Pirate Lord, Ancient Coins, Ghosts, Legendary Hideout

Lesedi & Demarco Singh

Mentioned in: Both main characters of the comic series, do not appear in the lore book

Lesedi and Demarco are the kids of the Pirate Lord. Both of them are Pirate Captains and the comic details how they go on a voyage into the Sea of Thieves to find their fathers riches, long after he went missing. While they are rivals at first, they become a team over the course of the comic story.

Additional lore entries: Lesedi Singh, Demarco Singh, Rin, Seamark, Naveed, Phillip, Mele, Alessia


Mentioned in: Main character of the first half of the Lore Book, referenced in ingame lore (Cursed Sails)

Years later, Captain Flameheart (original name unknown) is rescued by a known Pirate when he is very young, too young to remember from what he was rescued. Flameheart Senior raises him in an estate outside of the Sea of Thieves. After the death of his adoptive father Flameheart decides that he wants to pursue the life of a pirate, too. He gets himself a ship and a Crew and takes on the journey into the Sea of Thieves. Once there, he gets multiple voyages from the local trading companies, one of them leading him to a black chest, which he takes on board. Later, he accidentally sails into the Devils Shroud and the Silver Blade sinks. Flameheart and his Crew survive and manage to swim to a nearby island. They start to search it and find a tunnel system. In there they find a golden chalice, which seems to hold an unlimited amount of water for the crew to drink. As they delve deeper into the cave system, they realize that they are slowly being transformed. Once they reach the end of the tunnels Captain Flameheart has turned into a Skeleton Lord, while his crew turned into normal Skeletons. In the final cave, they are greeted by another Skeleton Lord, called the Cap’n. He introduces himself as a Crewmate of his adoptive father, Flameheart Senior. This is where Flamehearts story ends in the lore book.

Additional lore entries: Flameheart, Flameheart Senior, Skeleton, Cap’n

Marisabel & Nura

Mentioned in: Main characters of the second half of the Lore Book

Captain Flameheart wrote all of his experiences down in a Captains Log, which is found by Bel and Nura on the beach where they grew up.  Bel also dives into the nearby wreck of the Silver Blade and finds the black chest Flameheart had found. Both Nura and Bel were born in the Sea of Thieves and grew up with locals, prepared for a life as pirates. As a kid, Bel found a set of cursed earrings, which allow her to understand Merfolk language. She finds out that the chest is covered in merfolk writing and decides to bring it to the merfolk.

Together with her crew she sets out to the Shores of Plenty and meets up with the merfolk. They do however not seem to like the chest and flee when they see it. Not knowing what to do, Bel and Nura set out to hopefully sell the chest to some smugglers.  Before they can find someone to buy it from them, they get attacked by The Twisted Knife. They manage to fight them off and take the captain of one of the two attacking ships as a prisoner. His name is Cole and he confesses that his Patron sent him out to retrieve the cursed chest. Together, they set sail to the Patrons location.

Sadly they are attacked by the Kraken on their way, which seems to have been summoned by the cursed chest. They throw the chest overboard and the Kraken disappears. Their ship was damaged heavily in the process, so they set out to find resources from nearby sunken ships. At dinner, they fall asleep, as Cole had poisoned the food. The Twisted Knife returns, kills Bel and takes the rest of the crew as prisoners. Bel goes to the Ferry of the Damned and then comes back to life. She finds the Twisted Knife, kills all of them with the help of Jean and rescues Nura. This is the end of the Lore Book.

Additional lore entries: Marisabel, Nura, ColeMerfolk, Whispering Chest, Kraken, Mermaid’s Curse, Marisabel’s Earrings, Curse of the Kraken,


There’s lots of lore in the game we are playing in this very moment. All of the campaigns have had their own storylines, and every NPC has a story to tell. Whether it be the Megalodon, a Cursed Skeleton Warsmith or the Discovery of a whole new area in the Sea of Thieves, there’s always something happening. Often times the current lore is referencing events that have happened in the past, so it is helpful to know some things about the Lore Book, the Comics and especially the upcoming novel.


We hope this article could refreshen your knowledge on Sea of Thieves lore, maybe you even learned some new things. We’ll be covering the upcoming Athena’s Fortune novel in as much detail as possible, probably starting from a book review as soon as I am done reading it once it comes out. This means we’ll also have a lot of new material for lore articles and expanding the Lore Compendium, so stay tuned for that! Thank you very much for visiting, if you want to talk some more about Sea of Thieves or the Lore, feel free to join the 2600 others in our Discord!

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