Tag: Chests

Kraken Chest / Whispering Chest

This chest appears in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book and is presumably cursed with the Curse of the Kraken. Captain Flameheart Junior finds it after following a map that was given to him by a mysterious old woman at an outpost. He describes the chest as small, slate-black, untouched by the passage […]

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Chest of a Thousand Grogs

Captain Flameheart Junior hears about this chest while talking to his crew about Curses. The chest is cursed with the Curse of a Thousand Grogs. On the chest itself, you can see the god Dionysus, who is a greek nature god of fruitfulness and vegetation.

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Chest of Sorrows

The Chest of Sorrows is one of many Cursed Items in the Sea of Thieves. Red Rosie salvaged it from the Sea on her Maiden voyage. The chest bears a tormented face where the lock would normally be and sheds tears at an alarming rate. Only by bailing constantly her crew could make it back […]

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