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Forsaken Shores Cosmetics revealed! – Crew of Thieves Exclusive

Hey, there’s been another big datamine for the Forsaken Shores cosmetics. All of these images are directly from the official game files. We know you aren’t here to read the text, so we’ll keep it short. Three new full sets have been datamined, they are called Kraken, Crab, and Blacksmith. All of them look really […]

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Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores islands revealed!

Forsaken Shores is going to be the third expansion for Sea of Thieves. Once it releases on the 19th September we will not only get a whole new area to explore and play in, new riddles and locations but also new cosmetics, a rowboat and a new type of Merchant Alliance voyages. You can read about […]

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Roadmap – Sea of Thieves

We got our roadmap guys! Go and watch the video if you didn’t do that yet. We wrote a summary further below. Roadmap General ideas Broaden the journey to pirate legend and beyond. Introducing unexpected content. A better way to announce content than with patch notes. New ways to play, new goals, new rewards. Encourage […]

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