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Belle is a character which could so far only be seen at E3 2017 as a big figure in the Sea of Thieves Booth. Some more details can be found on the website of the people who made the figure: Spur Creative. There, she is described like this: Belle is an ethereal, ghostly character who floats […]

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Sea of Thieves Lore: Ferry of the Damned

Featured image source The Ferry of the Damned is one of the central places in Sea of Thieves. No matter how you play, sooner or later you will find yourself here. it is a very special place, as it gives you the chance the respawn and start over again. However, you sadly can’t talk to […]

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Will Ghosts be in Sea of Thieves?

Ghosts currently don’t have any important role in Sea of Thieves. You barely meet them, there’s only one on the Ferry of the Damned. However, we have a lot of small hints and Concept Art related to Ghosts. Could they have a bigger meaning in the final game? Ferry of the Damned The Ferry of […]

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