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Confirmed Features in Sea of Thieves

A lot of the features we could see in various Trailers and Teasers for Sea of Thieves are not yet in the game. We took the time to compile a list of all the confirmed things that will most likely be in the final game.  Please comment down below with your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions […]

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Hot Topic: SoT’s Price Tag Justified?

Pre-Orders for Sea of Thieves, among many other things, got announced at the Game Awards 2017. Since then there has been a lot of discussion and controversy on the Price of the Game. A lot of people say that is not justified, mainly because of the lack of Content in the game. We took some […]

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Trading Companies and Progression

Progression in Sea of Thieves is something that we all wanted to know more about. However, a lot of Community members were kind of disappointed after the Game Awards didn’t bring any real news on the Topic. The real Information about the Progression wasn’t put into the trailer, but onto the Sea of Thieves Website. […]

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