Everything you need to know about: The Devil’s Shroud

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The Devil’s Shroud seems to play an important role in the Forsaken Shores, but what is it really? Not too many people are sure about that, so we gathered all we could find and put it together in this article. Enjoy!


The Devil’s shroud is mentioned in both the Lore book and the Sea of Thieves Comic series.

In the Lore Book, Captain Flameheart doesn’t even really notice when they first sail into the Sea of Thieves, so that’s rather unspectacular. He only finds out that they are in a special place because the constellation of the stars has changed. Later in the book he does, however, have a rather unpleasant encounter with the shroud. In the heat of a ship battle, he steers the Silver Blade into a “band of swirling mist” to escape the attackers. He doesn’t realize that he made a grave mistake until the entire vessel suddenly begins to shudder and Isidro calls him a bloody fool for sending the ship straight into the Devil’s Shroud. What happens next is described as the fog choking the life out of the ship with its chill touch. The shroud doesn’t seem to harm people, but destroys the ship very quickly and leaves Captain Flameheart and the Crew of the Silver Blade stranded.

In the comic series, we get to see a bit more of the shroud. It is mentioned in issue #1 and issue #2:

As you can see the shroud simply destroys the wooden Plank Naveed sticks into it. However, the thick fog seems to have some openings that allow a good crew to navigate through it safely.

The function of the Devil’s Shroud

The Shroud is a thick wall of fog, that seems to be responsible for two major features of the Sea of Thieves. First, it shields the Sea from the outside world and ensures that only skilled Sailors and Adventurers destined for a life as a Pirate can enter. Second, it is also responsible for the way the world itself works. The fog can move and uncover new islands, but it can also eat existing ones up. That way the Sea of Thieves is constantly changing. The Shores of Plenty only recently broke free from the Devil’s Shroud according to Bel and the Devil’s Roar, the newest addition to the Sea of Thieves, has just broken free, too. We’re sure that we will soon find out more about that!

All of this means that the Shroud is a very important element of the Lore. It is definitely possible that the shroud was responsible for eradicating the ancient civilizations, who once inhabited the Sea of Thieves. The reason their buildings and structures are preserved so well is that no life could enter them during that time. Once they broke free again pirates settled on the islands and used them to find treasure. This explains why there are remnants of both groups on the same islands.

In-game equivalent

The Red Sea seems to be exactly the same thing as the Devil’s Shroud in the lore. They function the same way and it is entirely possible that the Red Sea was chosen simply because of technology’s limitations. Sailing in there has probably given you a good feeling for what sailing through the shroud must feel like, with death waiting around every corner 😉

Do you have any further questions?

Forsaken shores brought us a whole new area and possibly lots of lore-related questions that you don’t know the answer to. Feel free to reach out to us on Reddit, Twitter or our Discord and we’ll answer them for you if we can! Until then, have fun exploring the Devil’s Roar!

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