The Grand Odyssey #1 Summary

Mateys, our first big community event has found it’s winners! Congratulations to Borod, Bean, BigKingL and BasedBeardJones! We hope everyone participating had as much fun as we had hosting it. Don’t worry if you missed it, we have a lot of stuff to show about it and this won’t have been the last one.

What was the Grand Odyssey?

The event consisted of 13 tasks in the form of riddles. The tasks had to be completed in-game and you had to provide proof for the completion of each task in form of a screenshot or a video clip. You can find the article about the description of the event here.

We had an overwhelming amout of people and crews participating, 245 pirates and 76 crews solved at least one riddle! While we heard that people were expecting us to make them attack other pirates, we mostly did the opposite. Some of the riddles asked you to do crazy stuff that you wouldn’t normally do, so let us get to the solutions.

After the event we even received words of praise by Rare’s community managers!

The riddles

Riddle 1

Task: Bring 15 bright (white/gold) chickens to the Clothing Shop at Sanctuary Outpost.

Understanding if we were looking for white or golden chickens is what most people were struggling with. In the end we accepted both, since bright is not actually a colour.

Riddle 2

Task: Shoot yourself with the cannon of Smuggler‘s Bay to the mast ladder (or crowsnest) of your ship.

There are a ton of those canon shots, but we couldn’t put them all here. Most did really well on this one.

Riddle 3

Task: Collect 3 villainous captain’s skulls and put them on your bowsprit close to Picaroon Palms at 3 o’clock.

Riddle 4

Task: Take a picture with 3 golden snakes, 3 golden chickens and 3 golden pigs near Sunken Grove’s pond.

This was where we ran into small problems. There seems to be a glitch with the animals there. For some reason a few crews reported that their animals started drowning if you brought them to the pond.

Riddle 5

Task: Setup an explosion of a V-symbol on the sands of Kraken‘s Fall at 5 o’clock.

Riddle 6

Task: Use the NVC “Looking Good” to an enemy pirate, while looking at them with your Spyglass.

This was supposed to be done with a screenshot, but we thought it would be interesting for you guys to see how they convinced a hostile pirate to help them out.

Riddle 7

Task: Drop a captain’s chest in the captain’s cabin at Old Salts Atoll.

Riddle 8

Task: Acquire the two Boom-Booms atop the Keel Haul Fort.

Looks like this was the hardest one of all the riddles. The shot to the top of the fort is really hard to do!

Riddle 9

Task: Transfer from one ship to another by jumping from one yardarm to the other.

The riddle didn’t tell you that, but it was allowed to do the jump from one ship’s yardarm to another on shipwrecks.

Riddle 10

Task: Use the POINT emote with a non-crew member pirate to make a geometric shape on a beach at dawn.

This is the part where all the other crews fell behind, because the winning crew found someone to help them out. You had to do any geometric shape with a hostile pirate and use the point emote.

Riddle 11

Task: Bring six pigs to the parrot wall painting on Thieves’ Haven.

Riddle 12

Task: Shoot at the crow’s nest bell, with your blunderbuss from the deck and make it ring.

This one was extremely tricky again: You were supposed to do something that isn’t possible under normal circumstances, since you wouldn’t be able to shoot at that bell from your own deck with a blunderbuss. That’s why we would have allowed them to cheat by having a crew member to just ring the bell! But the winning crew had the help of a pirate called NMJKDM. He offered them his ship to make it work. 

Riddle 13

Task: Get to the wheel at N10 and all play a song, drunk or sober.

The last riddle asked you to have a good knowledge of the world. Just watch the clip! We are indeed very happy about the fact that the winning crew and all the others had that much fun!


The event was a lot of fun and a great learning experience for us. We got a ton of feedback from the participants and we are evaluating it to make the next event even better! While the overall impressions were very positive there were also flaws and problems that we will work on. Expect the next event to be less reliant on your timezone, easier to understand and follow and more fair between xbox and pc participant!

We do also want to thank everyone that helped organize the event, the delegates that took the proof and gave the riddles out, the discord members that helped moderate the chat and answer questions and of course all the pirates that took part in the Odyssey! We are looking forward to the next events that will be coming soon™

The prize

The winners got 3 ships filled with loot! We lost quite a big portion of the haul due to the “AllmondBeard” server error, but still managed to get them quite something. The overall haul amounted to about 60k ingame gold and a lot of fun while solving the riddles!

Next event

Since the event took a lot of people to moderate it, we can’t say when the next one will be yet. Make sure to join one or both of our Discords to make sure you don’t miss it:

Crew of Thieves

Fortune (18+)

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