The Grand Odyssey Community Event Invitation

The Grand Odyssey is the first big community event for Sea of Thieves. Fortune and Crew of Thieves are collaborating to make it happen and we are already looking forward to its results and future events. We are releasing this short guide to give everyone an overview of the event and how it is going to work.

What does the Grand Odyssey look like?

The Event consists of 13 tasks in the form of riddles. The tasks have to be completed in-game and you will have to provide proof for the completion of each task in form of a screenshot or a video clip (will be specified with each task, some require clips while a screenshot is enough for other tasks).

How do I take part?

All you need to do is join one of our Discords (or both):

Crew of Thieves

Fortune (18+)

In there you will find a channel for the event. There is no region, age or crew size restriction. Keep in mind that only one crew can win, so you won’t be able to take part with more than 4 people on the same team.

When does the Event start?

The Grand Odyssey is to be held on Saturday, April 14th at:

  • 17:00 EDT
  • 14:00 PDT
  • 10 PM BST
  • Sunday, April 15th 7 AM ACT
  • Sunday, April 15th 10 AM NZDT

Where do I find the riddles?

The first Riddle will be posted in the forum thread HERE and in both Discords at the same time.

After that, you will have to provide proof of completing the task and send it to one of the delegates on the Discord per personal message.

How do I record?

There are a lot of different ways to do screenshots and clips. On PC, you can use different recording programs like shadowplay or the Xbox app itself. Please make sure beforehand that you have a reliable method to send your clips and pictures to the delegates via PM.

If you don’t know how to record clips on Xbox take a look here:

Using your phone to record and then sending it to Delegates over Discord is alright, too, but make sure the quality is good enough for readable Gamertags.

If you really don’t know any other way you can also ask a Delegate, but keep in mind that we will be very busy.

Where do I send the screenshots and pictures?

The delegates are displayed separately at the top on the right-hand side of both discords. Send one of them a personal message and they will give you the next riddle. If a delegate doesn’t respond within a few minutes you can message another one, but please wait a bit to avoid confusion.

Do all the crew members have to be in each screenshot?

No, they don’t, aside from the one, you make at the start. We prefer it if all the clips/screenshots are taken by the same person in your crew.

What if I am participating alone?

You can use the Non-Verbal-Communication commands so your name will show in the chat when you make your screenshot.

Can I exchange Crew Members/Start alone and they join later/any other similar case?

Yes, you can. If you start alone or without the full crew please give us the Gamertags of all the people that are going to join later on. Keep in mind that only 4 people can get the reward in the end. If you want to exchange a player for a new one we will need the agreement of the player that is getting exchanged. If you have further questions contact the Delegates over Discord.

What’s the prize?

The winning Crew (because of logistical reasons there can only be one winning crew for this event) will get a huge ingame treasure haul that we, the organizers, will gather beforehand. Only the first crew to complete all the riddles will be invited to our crew to claim their reward.

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