The Pirate Lord: More than just an NPC?

The Pirate Lord is one of the most famous persons in the Sea of Thieves. While there’s a lot of hints and teasing inside the game, his real story is within the comics and the lore book. We read all of it to shine some light on the history of this mysterious character.

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Who is the Pirate Lord?

He is one of the first to find the Sea of Thieves and live to tell the tale. Not much is known about his background, but after he came back from the Sea of Thieves he had riches and a cursed pistol. The cursed pistol is part of a cursed set, wherever either goes, no firearms can be fired.

According to the protagonist of the Lore book he is, if not the most successful pirate, then the most renowned.

His skill with blades of all kinds was exemplary, his cunning unparalleled and his knowledge of the workings of the world could not be matched by anyone who dared to cross him.

Captain Flameheart on the Pirate Lord

His voyages are intertwined with almost every facet of life on the Sea of Thieves and he is seen as a Legend by a lot of people. Pirates tell their children tales about the Pirate Lord and he is known all over the world.


We don’t know too much about his life. After his first trip to the Sea of Thieves, he went back there for more adventures multiple times and returned home in between voyages. When he went on what was supposed to be his last voyage he never came back home. According to his ghost in the tavern of Legends, some of his crew turned into skeletons. An important detail is that he has 3 knives in his back. This might hint that he got backstabbed by his own crew.

The Gold Hoarder Trading company claims that the Pirate Lord stole gold from them. He has lots of treasures, but we do not know whether this is a fact or not.


The Pirate Lord married a beautiful woman after he came back from the Sea of Thieves. There’s basically nothing known about her, but she always stayed back when he went on an adventure into the Sea of Thieves. They had 2 kids, which are the protagonists of the Sea of Thieves Comic Series. Lesedi and Demarco Singh are twins and Pirate Captains. We do not want to spoil the comic series here, but if you want to discuss it feel free to join our Discord Server!

















What do you think?

In our opinion, the Pirate Lord is one of the most interesting and probably also powerful characters in the Sea of Thieves. We’d love for him to have some deeper meaning in the game so the players can experience who he really is. Currently, he is a rather bland character.


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Option 3

Skullduggers is the name of the Pirate Band which played Sea of Thieves Songs at various conventions.

Option 4

Both of his kids have the last name “Singh”

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