The Plundered Crown

Marisabel and Nura named their ship The Plundered Crown. In the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book, Bel confesses that the name didn’t come to her out of nowhere, but is a reference to how her Mother used to wear a golden Crown while dancing, which her father gave her when they first met. The appearance of the ship is not currently known, but it has seen a lot of battles and didn’t sink once in the known lore. However, the ship wasn’t always under the control of the original Crew. Cole and The Twisted Knife manage to kill or imprison the other crew members and take control of the ship for a while, until Bel comes back to kill the Twisted Knife Mercenaries and take the ship back, freeing Nura and Jean in the process.


Captain: Bel

Quartermaster: Nura

Cook: Jean

Prisoner: Cole

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