The Silver Blade

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The Silver Blade is Captain Flameheart Juniors ship. Isidro bought it for him, along with getting the crew. Flameheart initially wanted to name the ship “Liberdade”, meaning freedom in both his favorite language, but changing the name of a ship could bring terrible misfortune, so they kept the original name. The crew sailed with the ship for a long time and survived a few fights, but it was destroyed by the Devil’s Shroud after Flameheart sailed into it in the heat of a battle and left them stranded on an island.


Appears in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Status: Sank in the Devil’s Shroud

Organization: Pirates

Figurehead: Girl setting free a dove, she is gripped by the hand of death


Captain: Flameheart Junior

Quartermaster: Red Rosie

Crew: Isidro and Thomas

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