Top Sea of Thieves cosmetics which are not currently in the game!

At least since Rare accidentally showed this picture of a fully customized Brigantine in one of their videos we know that there are many more options coming to the ship customization in Sea of Thieves. So far the public didn’t get to see much more than the picture above, but as always, Crew of Thieves has you covered. Don’t forget to join our Discord to always get the latest info and follow us on Twitter or Reddit to not miss out on any news!

Spoiler warning!

The following images and gifs have been datamined directly from the game files and are not currently available to players in the game. If you don’t want to see them, then please stop scrolling here and take a look at the other articles we have to offer on this website!


We will be splitting the ship cosmetics into a bunch of different categories. Keep in mind that they might change or never even make it into the game, only time will tell.


Gold hoarder Figurehead
Order of Souls Figurehead
Parrot Figurehead
Zeus Figurehead
Zeus Figurehead
Crab Figurehead
Blacksmith/Dragon Figurehead
Squid Figurehead
Squid Figurehead
Spinal Figurehead (Killer Instinct)
Spinal Figurehead (Killer Instinct)


As you know, we can not currently customize the cannons in-game. The brigantine picture, however, showed us that this is subject to change and other parts of the ship are going to be customizable. Cannons and Capstans are definitely going to be, we do not currently know much more about other parts.

Parrot Variation
Eastern Winds
Eastern Winds Variation

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Which part are you most excited about?

And what ideas for further customization do you have? Tell us in the comments or in our Discord, we’d love to hear your ideas and welcome you to the Crew of Thieves Community. Until then, happy sailing!

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