Trading Company Overview

With the latest news about Sea of Thieves, we got a lot of information about Trading Companies. We created a simple overview over all of them to help you understand how they really work. Leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments down below!

What are “Trading Companies“?

Not everyone you’ll encounter makes their living as a pirate. Alongside the shopkeepers and shipwrights who ply their trades at outposts, you’ll find representatives of various Companies ranging from legitimate businesses to secret societies. These Companies have their own reasons for braving the Sea of Thieves, and will be only too happy to reward crews willing to undertake dangerous work on their behalf.

You will climb the ranks of each Trading Company as your Reputation with them increases

Basically, they are Companies that give you Voyages (Quests). Their NPCs are located at Outposts and as a reward for completing their voyages you get Reputation and Gold. The Reputation is used to rank up within the the Company to gain access to better and longer voyages, as well as Titles and new Items.

With a higher Reputation Rank, you will be able to unlock new Cosmetic Items and Voyages

Currently, we know of 3 different Trading Companies:

Gold Hoarders


The Gold Hoarder Trading Company was founded by legendary Treasure Hunters who wish to amass a great fortune. They are in possession of a mysterious set of skeleton keys and they will pay pirates a cut of gold when they return chests to them.


Riddle Maps

These Riddles will give you hints towards where the treasure is located. Follow their instructions by finding the landmarks on the given Island and you’ll uncover great treasure! They might seem easy to solve, but don’t let that fool you. A lot of teamwork and discovery is required to find all the correct spots.

Our guess is that the riddles will get longer and harder as you gain more reputation and get access to harder voyages.

X Marks the Spot Maps

These maps only show you the Shape of an Island with a red X on it. It is up to you to find the Island on the world map and locate the Spot using the Landmarks on the map. Once you think you are at the right place start digging with the shovel.


The more you build your Reputation with the Gold hoarders, the more they’ll trust you to go after larger hoards of lost treasure. Some of them will be protected by forsaken skeletons. The voyages will become harder, longer and more rewarding as you progress. Aside from that, you will unlock cosmetic items and titles, exclusive to the gold hoarder trading company.

Order of Souls


The Order of Souls is a Trading Company formed by conjurers and seers. They have found a way to recapture the enchanted magic from the skulls of former pirates and they’ll reward anyone who brings the skulls back to them.


Bounty Hunting

Voyages from the Order of Souls will send players on a mission to hunt infamous skeleton crews and captains presenting players with combat-focused challenges. You will have to sail to the given Island and find your target. After defeating them, you can take the dropped Skull and cash it in at the Order of Souls.


Some of these Skeletons might hide in one of the many forts located in the World. Facing these challenges will require the players to perform a daring raid to find the Skull they need.

These valuable locations will also present opportunities for other nearby crews. You can, however, never be too sure who might join you and what their intentions might be.

Nearby Crews will be able to join you in your fight (or steal all the treasure for themselves)


We have no real information on progression within the order of Souls. We are sure that the raids and enemies will come in increasing difficulty and reward, rendering high-level Raids a contested objective for all crews in the Sea of Thieves.

Merchant Alliance


The Merchant Alliance are seeking to control the flow of trade between the fledgling outposts of civilization in the Sea of Thieves. They will pay pirates to scout for supplies and ferry shipments like resources and gunpowder across the sea.


Selling Supplies

Now we don’t know yet if this will actually be some kind of voyage, but it seems like you will be able to just sell the resources and supplies you find on your adventures to the Merchant Alliance.

In this picture we can see a time-table with different kinds of resources, hinting that we can only sell certain types of cargo at certain times. This could add a nice level of strategy to the game, with players having to plan their trading routes.

Delivery Missions

From the picture above we can see that the voyages will include delivery missions. The players have to bring certain amounts of different Goods to an specific outpost in a certain time frame. The fact that you will only be able to find cargo like animals on certain Islands makes these missions harder than your standard delivery missions from other games. You will have to scout out Islands with the correct cargo and then catch the Animals and care for them on the way to the outpost. Don’t let them drown in the lower deck or die by a lightning strike on the Mast!

Catching Animals will be a core part of the delivery missions!


We are hoping for longer Delivery Missions that will require to have lots of cargo at once, therefore bringing a big risk of getting robbed by other players. If there#s any updates on this we will tell you!



Commendations are special awards from each Trading Company. They allow Players to earn titles and show off some of their special achievements. As you can see in the picture above, there will most likely be different “levels” of Commendations. So you might unlock a title at 50 barnacled Chests sold, another at 100, 500 and so on. This would allow players to show off how far they have progressed in a certain activity.


That’s it for this Overview. What other Voyages or Trading Companies would you like to see in the game? Tell us in the Comments down below and stay tuned for more Sea of Thieves Content!

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