Captain Truewalker is both a reference to the legendary Forum Deckhand Katttruewalker and part of a short story in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book. In the story, Marisabel and Nura find their first shipwreck when they are about 8 years old. After searching the ship for a while, Captain Truewalker shows up. Turns out that the ship belonged to the Captain and wasn’t a wreck after all.  Marisabel‘s Dad and Nura‘s Mum go visit Captain Truewalker to explain the situation and apologize, but Truewalker just kills them. Searching the ship in the first place was Nura‘s idea, she said it was way too messy to be a wreck.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Unknown, mature when Marisabel and Nura are 8

Gender: Female

Location: Unknown

Position: Captain

Organisation: Pirates

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