Weekly Stream Summary 1/29/19

The Playground 1/29/19

Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Jasonsulli

@JoeNeate1 @ChappersChapman and @jasonsulli

23:53 -Arena will be treated as a new Trading Co. and will progress like the others with its own Commendations, Titles, and unique cosmetics. Once it is in you will be able to achieve Pirate Legend by reaching level 50 in any three Trading Companies, Merchant Alliance, Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders and Seadogs.

34:56 -Mike says “We might have balanced the ahh… solo Kraken experience too hard.”

38:45 -The chewing animation that occurs when a player is idle came about from the devs wanting the face to feel animated and they do admit it is slightly exaggerated but they grew used to it as it makes them chuckle. They discussed making the mouth move when the players spoke but they wanted the players voice to convey the emotions instead of the game.

46:54 -The Seadog Tavern is a really fun place to hang out according to Mike

54:45 -Designed by Humans ( https://t.co/j8zahffWKq ) is a new program that you can submit your own Sea of Thieves design for a variety of clothing ranges and if it gets selected it will be sold in the store which you can get a cut of.

1:02:02 -Island names came from the design brief where a lot of the islands were created around a game play story (Thieves Haven = you can hide your ship inside). Each one had a unique game play element that informed the name.

1:07:28 -They are going to add a Skeleton Fort in the Devil’s Roar and “hopefully get it into a build at some point in the near future”. It’s apparently built and being tested internally to make sure there isn’t any snags in Skeleton spawns/pathing and that it’s balanced with the other Forts.

1:19:02 -Joe is going to talk about cross-play in the Dev Update on Wed. 1/30/2019

1:34:09 -The Devil’s Roar is one of their Perilous Sea ideas, a area that you wouldn’t spawn in that has higher risk/rewards and while they have other ideas for more Perilous Seas they have other content planned before they consider adding another.

1:38:23 -Private servers are being discussed internally, may be something they look at after they feel there aren’t any “gaps” in the core game play.

1:39:43 -Whales are not the type of sea life that they want to add to the game. If they do add something they want it to lean toward a more fantastical feel. (Mike actually follows up on his answer in a Reddit post by Mozerath who respectfully disagreed that whales were not a good fit. Linked below.) https://www.reddit.com/r/Seaofthieves/comments/al3i0v/mike_chapmanrare_dont_think_the_presence_of/efaqs7q/?context=3

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