Weekly Stream Summary 2/12/19

The Winner Takes It All


Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Doedelaar

@JoeNeate1 @ChappersChapman and @thedoedelaar

14:41 -Cross-play is not being removed, it will have optional opt-out only for controller using console players. (Joe talks more about cross-play here: https://youtu.be/NsHTmzKUq2Q?t=64 )

15:45 -The option to turn off rival crew’s name tags has been implemented. Access it through the Gameplay options.

18:30 -They heard the feedback that people also want the option to turn off friendly crew’s name tags and they are looking into adding that option as well.

24:07 -As they are trying to catch and keg a Sloop, John- “Where’s the advanced sailing tactics here Mike?”. Thirty-three seconds later they are kegged themselves by a well placed keg drop from the pursued Sloop. The Devs loved it.

26:23 -Awkward Joe is best Joe. https://youtu.be/QIBis3aCI9Q?t=1583

38:25 -They used to have custom Titles but that changed to what they called Fridge Magnet Titles where you would unlock bits of a Title and you could then mix those bits for a unique Title. They then changed to what we have now because they felt that going down to a list of known Titles gave them more.

40:50 -The idea that Keg-Skeletons could have a small chance to spawn with a Mega-Keg really intrigues the Devs. That led to Mike saying they could put them on the Skeleton Ships, since they added the chance of regular Gunpowder Barrels spawning on them it could be a rare spawn chance within that mechanic. “That would be cool. We should do that. We’ll do that. We’ll definitely get it in.” -Mike

43:15 -Talking about the Ghost Meg, which has seen a spawn chance increase recently, they said that they are watching the numbers and feedback and can make further changes if needed.

45:25 -Molten Sands Fortress will be active as soon as possible. They ran into pathing issues with the Skeletons but it is going into the Pioneers’ build this weekend (Feb. 23rd), after they get the balancing feedback the hope is to get it in right after.

46:50 -There has been a lot of smaller additions to the game, scaffolding and remains and statues for example, that are teases to future content they are working towards.

51:40 -Some of the upcoming new features could interact with the Meg, one of them does for sure as Joe mentions it happening in a Sea of Tease.

54:00 -Loot timer is going to be looked at. Most people think it’s too short.

59:00 -Mike did acknowledge the frustration of the Barrels of Plenty sinking as players approach them and they realize there is something happening with the refresh timer but they don’t know what is causing it currently. They are looking into the matter and will fix it as soon as they can.

1:01:10 -Future content may reveal what is inside the Box of Wondrous Secrets

1:10:40 -They are aware of the Sovereign Wheel bug, since it happened in stream, where the wheel has the wrong colors.

1:49:15 -The bug where the pants cosmetic graphic is connected was pointed out to the Devs.

1:53:10 -Rare will be at Twitchcon Berlin in some form or another. Joe said they might have some stuff to show perhaps. https://europe.twitchcon.com/en/

1:57:45 -When asked about the possibility of dual-wielding swords Mike said they would want to add a greater variety of weapons before they do something like that.

2:04:29 -They want to give players the ability to change their characters in-game in a Sea of Thieves kind of way. It has been discussed internally and has been approved to be added sometime after the Mega Update has been released.

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