Weekly Stream Summary 2/19/19

The More The Merrier


Joe Neate, Shelley Preston, Pikaaroon and Captain Jay

@JoeNeate1, @residentveg, @TheAaronLeigh and @CrowsNest_TCN

36:37 -Aaron Leigh ran into his Skeleton Captain counterpart on his first Dev stream.

42:35 -The Devs have noticed the Merchant Alliance faction has been a bit neglected, especially the Cargo Runs. They are going to make the Cargo Runs much more “tempting” by doubling the value on turn in, shortening the distance you need to travel to deliver them and making them more forgiving on the value degradation while handling them. (Making them harder to crack, get wet, and dry out for their respective types) The animal Merchant Alliance voyages are also getting a 50% increase in value as well.

44:53 -Pets will have different animations that they can do. For instance they will do a jig when you do. Joe says that they really feel alive, they have charm, will make you laugh and are a really a cool addition to adventuring. You will be able to fire them out of cannons. They also had an internal debate on whether or not being hit by a cannon fired pet would do damage because since pets were MTX they didn’t want it to become a “pay to win” situation. Ultimately they seemed to like the idea that being hit by a cannon fired pet would do one damage so that on the rare chance someone did die from a “pet-shot” it would feel more like a memorable “pay to laugh” situation.

48:15 -Joe likes the idea of eventually being at a point to where they could support charities with MTX through themed cosmetics.

49:11 -Following the previous community suggestion, Joe tells about how they did an internal MTX to support a bird sanctuary and right at the end says, “So very early on we were donating money to parrots. There you go.”   

1:18:26 -Speaking on a question about them making more of the player’s stats available, Joe said they intentionally made the decision to not show many of the player’s stats so it would help drive stories instead of people only playing one way to drive up a stat. (An example he gave was Players Killed or Ships Sunk.) He understands why people are curious about other stats like Distance Swam or Number of Hours in a Rowboat but doesn’t know if they are tracking a lot of those types things. He also said it’s difficult to go in and retroactively track stats citing the issues they ran into with the Pirate Legend Commendations.

1:20:59 -Currently most of the development teams are working on the Mega Update, with exception of a few that are working on Mercenary Voyages and quality of life/bug fixes.

1:21:39 -While trying to describe the Mega Update Shelley said, “Imagine it’s like a Mega-Keg full of really nice fireworks that you want to set off.”

1:23:46 -They have looked at the little “filler” events in between the bigger updates that they have done in the past and have new ideas on how to improve them after the Mega Update.

1:25:00 -The first parts of the Mega Update have started going out to Pioneers (Arena and Quest additions) and they are getting the first round of feedback on it now. They also have plans soon to make Pioneers a kind of opt-in opportunity for the community.

1:25:43 -The trailer for the Mega Update is being released on March 20th and Joe said he was buying everyone who has played Sea of Thieves cake. (I would expect to see a birthday cake somewhere in the Taverns) Expect to start seeing a lot more information about the update after the trailer is released.

1:29:47 -Joe talking about the cut-outs on the bow of the ship, “This gap really draws me over for some reason.”

1:37:20 -The Powerpoint slide they use in the streams to display the codes do not contain any teases. It is just a really old map from way back in development with placeholder names.

1:41:26 -They would eventually like to add the ability to change ships at the Shipwright but it is a quite complicated bit of work according to Joe.

1:44:45 -They are still working on the Molten Sands Fortress in the Devil’s Roar and hope to have it active for players soon.

1:45:32 -They really like the idea of more creature threats you could encounter in the world but it seems like they are going to work on adding more to what they have now before new big creatures are added. Joe added that they looking to add more land based things at the moment, something to “spice up” the island life. Shelly then chimed in and said “We’re cooking up some great stuff.”

1:53:14 -They are going to work on the issue of not being able to access the barrels while in superheated water.

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