Weekly Stream Summary 2/26/19

Ask the Chat


Joe Neate, James Thomas, and Tommy

@JoeNeate1, @BIGsheep and @2AngryGamers

9:16 -As mentioned in last weeks stream the Merchant Alliance is getting a boost to payout to incentivize people to finish them. (Link to last weeks video where it was discussed here)

17:02 -James states that he is going to petition the team to add the ability to randomize the ship cosmetics just like you can do with your pirate cosmetics.

17:12 -Tommy suggested the ability to have saved outfits and Joe jokingly said they could make it a monetization option. None of the Devs gave any hint if it could be a future addition.  

27:04 -More variety for female pirate cosmetics is on their list of things to work on and was discussed internally recently.

1:46:52 -They did have a mechanic early in the game where you rolled and had to walk the plank but they removed it. (Dice game perhaps?) They also had friendly fire but didn’t like it because you could abuse it too easily.

1:51:41 -Pets will be coming in the Mega Update. You can pick them up, fire them from cannons and interact with them.

1:54:00 -They used to have coconuts in trees in the early builds that could fall and hurt you if you shook the trees.

2:02:11 -Joe’s response to a Tidal Wave suggestion was just to shrug and say meh.

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