Weekly Stream Summary 2/5/19

The Pacifist Return 2/5/19

Andrew Preston, James Thomas and Backdraft

@keeyaaaa @BIGsheep and @BackdraftLIVE

20:11 -This is the second time Andrew has said in a stream “Keep a weathered eye out.” when asked about where Merrick has gone.

23:35 -March 20th is the anniversary of the launch of Sea of Thieves. They wouldn’t say if they had plans for in-game cosmetics or events.

35:50 -Replying to a suggestion about adding a wearable loot bag that you could gather lots of supplies in and when wearing it you couldn’t carry anything else, Andrew said “Oh, you mean it’s like when you are carrying a chest? (looks at John and grins) That’s a uh… that’s a very good idea, that is. (John giggles) That’s all I’ll say about that.”

38:11 -Adding Xbox Achievements are a consideration for the development team in future updates. They are also keeping the fact that they had to rebalance the original achievements in mind when considering Achievements they could add.

40:50 -They did have a version of the Shipwright when they were building the game that would restock your ship’s supplies but ultimately decided not to add that option because it could cause disharmony among the crew if it had a cost and took out the resource management and the resource gathering element of the game even if it were free.

42:30 -They are looking into why the beard style ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496368495035023400/542404146871926810/BEATUE.png ) from the Cursed Sails trailer is not available in-game. (Picture and question from The_Arch_Lich. Andrew loves that name.)

47:40 -The biggest problem they had with the Gold Hoarder map riddles was the localization of them all. Trying to make the rhymes and the logic work in all of the different languages was difficult but they feel it was totally worth it.

50:50 -They considered having the option of the Shipwright repairing the player’s ship damage but the possibility of PvP abuse and it being unfair to new players with little money was too high. They also like the story of a player’s voyage that the ship’s damage tells.

53:35 -DO NOT DELETE YOUR GAME for the next update. It will redownload the entire game automatically when you update it. (Joe talks more about the update here https://youtu.be/6VgVhW93jiU?t=33 ) They cleaned up a lot of the backend of the game in this update.

56:15 -James calls the Ferryman “Clive”. This is the second time he has been called that in a Dev stream.

1:00:45 -There is new music for Arena and John,Andrew and James all really like it.

1:09:55 -The voice of the Merman is Paul Collins and his wife voices the Mermaid.

1:35:39 -When a ne jungle area with rivers only accessible by rowboat was suggested Andrew says, “That sounds interesting. Doesn’t it… James? Eh? Hmm?” James responds, “I’m… um, glad I could help?” James said he felt goaded into something he would get chastised for.

Bonus Inside Xbox SoT Recap

Joe talks about Crossplay and how they are designing the frontend of the game around Crossplay enabled players with the option for console players who use controllers to opt out through the menu. There were 35.2% of players on PC and 64.8% on Xbox playing SoT the weekend of Feb. 1st.

Joe showed the Play with Friends trailer that showcased a new Mercenary livery and sails, spoke of a new voyage type and the ability for existing players to get 3 game access codes to give to friends so they could play free from Feb 6th – 13th.

Joe talked about the upcoming combate changes they are working on and how they wanted to rebalance the engagement distance of the guns to better reflect the usages of the different guns.

The new Mercenary Voyage type is going to be similar to the Gilded Gifts. The first one is going to focus on giving a “tour” of SoT for new players. They want to add more Mercanery Voyages in the future that have different conditions and may revolve around a theme going on at the time of a Voyage release. (Such as complete the voyage while flying the Reaper’s Mark ect…)

There will be a option to turn off other crews name tags and they are also looking into being able to turn off your own crews name tags as well.

March 20th is their Anniversary and they will be announcing a “Mega Update” and will go more into what’s in it and when it will be released.

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