Weekly Stream Summary 3/19/19

Reapers Run


Craig Duncan, Steve Dillon and Captain Hitbotc

@Gamerboss, @GrogSwillinDill and @Hitbotc

6:12 -Steven’s team were the ones who worked on and implemented the Reapers Run voyages

17:48 -The cut off to reach Pirate Legend for the rewards (Joe talks about it here) is 10am GMT March 20th.

20:11 -The trailer for the Mega Update is coming tomorrow, March 20th not the update itself.

53:28 -Mouse and Keyboard support is coming in the next update on March 20th. Joe talks about it more here.

57:30 -Weapon adjustments are an ongoing process and will continue into the next update.

59:46 -Banjos are something they are going to add. They are on a list of things that are to be prioritized for addition soon. Mike talked about why they had to put them off for a while here.

1:00:36 -They talked about adding a bounty system early in the development of the game but didn’t want to force players into an interaction. What they decided to do was make opportunities for players to interact in their own way.

1:25:03 -Craig is very happy with the player numbers and having a “healthy playerbase”.

2:03:48 -Expect the Mega Update trailer to drop around 5:30 GMT March 20th
*PSA the Wandering Reaper ship cosmetics rewards will be replaced with the next set of rewards on March 20th, so make sure you get them before then.

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