Weekly Stream Summary 3/26/19

Happy (Belated) Birthday


Veronica ‘Vee’ Heath, Steven Dillon, and Freyline

@VeeHeathArtist, @GrogSwillinDill, and @Freyline_

20:48 -There is more coming in the Anniversary Update then was showed in the latest trailer and more will be revealed in upcoming trailers. Tall Tales in particular is getting its own cinematic trailer which should be released on April 23rd.

27:14 -Sea of Tease about fishing. They have built the fishing to be interactive but not too complicated meaning you are going to have to “fight” the fish to wear it out much like most people would expect and there will be a bait that you can use. You are also going to be able to fish anywhere it seems appropriate, not just on the dock.

32:06 -The current Reapers Run voyage is going to be active until April 30th which is when the Anniversary Update is coming.

33:13 -Pets are going to be delayed due to the team not feeling they meet the quality they want for the Anniversary Update. Joe’s Tweet about it here.

34:21 -Joe thinks the Harpoon is going to be the best new feature of the game. It is going to introduce a whole new aspect to ship combat. One example Joe used is firing the harpoon at the mast of a ship you are chasing to break it and slow them down.

36:35 -Speaking about breaking the mast, Joe said it will take more than one hit to break it.

38:06 -The Pirate Legend Year One cosmetics should now be completely released and everyone who should have gotten them now do, as far as Rare is concerned. If you think you should have gotten it raise a ticket with Rare.

42:46 -The Harpoon will have a myriad of ways to be used. Such as attaching to another boat.

45:32 -Having the ability to change ship type mid-game is a complicated task due to how the game match makes and not that they won’t do something like that in the future but it’s not anywhere near their radar at the moment.

51:47 -One of the topics that has been discussed internally at Rare is sustainable working in the studio as some of the teams have been working as hard as they have since launch and haven’t really gotten a break due to running Sea of Thieves as a live service. Rare is looking at how to keep up the content and not burn their teams out.

57:14 -There is currently a bug with putting the Chest of Sorrows on a rowboat and detaching it from your ship causing it to still fill the ship with water regardless of distance from the ship. Rare is looking into this issue.

1:00:35 -Joe talks a bit about Tall Tales and explains how it’s going to be a new way for them to introduce some of the expanded Lore as well as build a story narrative for players to experience in the unique art/play style of Sea of Thieves. Players can tell if someone is on one of the Tall Tales voyages due to certain subtle clues. Tall Tales is going to also introduce a few new mechanics to the game. (From the way that Joe talks about it Tall Tales may be along the lines of Bilge Rat events, a set of quest that can be added to over time to introduce more “chapters” in the Lore of the game.)

1:06:38 -Private Servers are something they are interested in doing, especially for the people who want to set up mini-games and events (they love those), but there are a lot of design questions around that that need to be addressed before it happens. Mike and Joe heard Sea of Thieves described as “the emergent theater of the future” and they thought it was a really good description of it so the idea of giving people the ability to tell their own story is key in their mind when discussing Private Servers.

1:10:32 -The Anniversary Trailer had cuts from upcoming trailers to showcase a lot of the content coming. Those cuts are not a tease at cutscenes in-game.

1:12:38 -When asked, “How many new achievements is Rare adding to Sea of Thieves?” Joe replied, “Oooo… Lots.”.

1:18:14 -When asked if there is going to be different rewards for Tall Tales the Devs didn’t say yes or no but Joe chose the question to read and replied “Mmmm, interesting.”

1:33:55 -When the guest, Freyline, was talking about a new chest idea that would affect the ship like the Cursed Cannonballs Joe said, “That could be fun, kinda like a Joker/Jester chest”

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