Weekly Stream Summary 3/5/19

Rum Runners


Shan’t Tell Porritt, Veronica ‘Vee’ Heath and RadderssGaming

@darthtelle, @VeeHeathArtist and @RadderssGaming

16:04 -For those who didn’t know Merchants’ Alliance is getting a boost to Voyage payouts and other improvements. (Link to the video where it was first discussed here)

28:47 -The trailer for the Mega Update is coming on March 20th.

31:36 -There will be a new Mercenary Voyage with new rewards on March 6th.

53:24 -The new Mercenary Voyage coming on March 6th will have new Commendations and rewards.

1:26:53 -The Arena tavern will have a hot-tub.

* As a side note for those of you who do not know they have done giveaways on the stream for the past few weeks and it seems to be a regular thing on their streams now.

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