What we think comes after Forsaken Shores

Forsaken Shores is going to expand the Sea of Thieves with a Devil’s Roar. This means we’ll get a whole new area to explore and have adventures in. What’s interesting is that the Devil’s Roar made an appearance in the Art Book. This could mean that other stuff in there is also going to make it into the game at some point.

We did some research and came up with possibilities for new areas and islands that could be yet to come to the game. Our main sources are the lore book and the art book. Let’s jump right in!

Sea of the Damned

The Sea of the Damned is currently in the game, but we can not really interact with it. The only time we encounter it is on the Ferry of the Damned.

The Artbook shows the Sea of The Damned as a full area with Outposts and Ghosts. It would be great to dive into this part of the world and it certainly would put a unique twist on the Sea of Thieves.

“While creating the Sea of the Damned, the team explored the idea of players somehow being able to sail their ship to this spooky region and roam freely. Docks, fortresses, and other structures were all considered, each with a suitably supernatural feel.”

The Sea od the Damned has a very unique feel to it and with all the fog it could provide a new gameplay experience. The Ferry is located under the normal sea in the current game, maybe we will get to see a full new level down there.


Ruins of the Forgotten

The Sea of Thieves is full of lore. Not only of recent pirates, but it also dates way back to long forgotten, ancient civilizations. They prayed to various gods and their shrines and paintings can be found on most islands. The lore book takes place long after this civilization and even the characters in it don’t know too much about it. This ancient civilization apparently also communicated with the merfolk, among other things. Considering how present they are in the world it is almost a shame that we only know so little about them. The Ruins of the Forgotten could fill that void.

“Imagined as a region of the Sea of Thieves where rock carvings, painted sigils, and other remnants of some ancient civilization could still be found, buried in the undergrowth.”

The basic island shapes suggest a more intricate design

Adding the buildings and other remnants of the ancient civilization could make the scenery a lot more interesting. Tribes of the ancient civilization could be an option for a new ai threat. There have been numerous people on Reddit and the forums asking about such an ancient tribe or maybe even cannibals. They could be imbued with some sort of mystical powers to make them more unique. The addition of such a forgotten civilization could interest more people in the lore while also creating great gameplay.


“Skull Island, an unused concept for a volcanic, geyser-filled island with a prison at its heart. Clouds were said to roil ominously overhead and form a distinctive death’s-head.”

This island stands out compared to the ones currently in the game, mainly because it seems to be way bigger and less generic than anything we can find right now. Having a place that is bigger, more challenging and a world of its own would be a great addition to the game and give Rare the possibility to introduce challenging PvE gameplay to the Sea of Thieves. The fact that they put so much thought into this particular island shows that they were considering it, even if the concept remained unused. We would love to see this island or something similar in the game at some point and hope Rare changes their mind about it!

This seems to be more some kind of a dungeon, with a prison in the center of the island that goes very deep. It’s possible that this becomes a new kind of skull fort. We also have a concept art of a foot trap, which could find use in many ways. As the new area seems to be more perilous than the others we could imagine different traps encouraging teamwork and awareness.

source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LzKEl



Those three options are most likely to make it into the game at some point in our opinion. Do you have any other ideas an what’s your favourite concept? Tell us in the comments or in our Discord, we’d love to chat about Sea of Thieves with you!

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